The next cyberwar fantasy

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From the New York Times, today, Bret Stephens writes about what he wishes: A troubling thought for you: What if the Americans really did succeed in pressuring the Chinese to cut you off? Or what if somebody found a Stuxnet-type solution to cripple your only operational refinery or blow up the pipeline through which you […]


America’s cyberwarriors lose another one

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it appears our cybwewarriors tore down the goal posts and danced in the end zone in the first few minutes of the game only to find, [pause], they eventually lost. Again. “Depending on how heavy a warhead it carries, this latest North Korean missile would easily reach the West Coast of the United States with […]


The Cyberwar Boogie

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From a long time ago and what seems very far away, the only rock song to feature former US Cyber-Czar, Richard Clarke. “They’ll also launch a big ol’ DOS,” he “sings.” Taken from a conference call between him, the bosses of the biggest anti-virus companies, and some government officials on what was to be done […]


‘Cyberwar is Bullshit’ Took long enough

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism, The Corporate Bund at 1:37 pm by George Smith

A very young person named Russell Brandom at clickbait news site, The Verge, has discovered this is so. He’s figured out, rightly, that cybersecurity in the US, and — in general, and among its toadies in the West, is solely for protecting the shit of the 1 percent. Former NSA director Keith Alexander, the million […]


Keith, American CyberWarPimp, and the hack of the big Banksters

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On the cybersecurity for the benefit of the 0.1 percent beat, earlier this week on a story about JP Morgan Chase being hacked, allegedly by the Russians, probably criminals: Former NSA/U.S. Cyber Command chief and cybersecurity consultant Keith Alexander said the success of such an attack highlights just how “vulnerable” the U.S. financial sector is, […]


Laundered: Pale Farce, cyberwar & the propaganda machine

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At GlobalSecurity.Org, rearranged and with all the push-buttons for “sharing” so others in the national security megaplex might know of a decent book: Readers of this blog know the topic of cyberwar reasonably well. The national mythology on it has been deadening and invariant for virtually two decades. Festung America has always been threatened with […]


America 2013: The NSA, our cyberwar machine and Edward Snowden

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 4:43 pm by George Smith

I’m going to repeat myself in re-use of this from a few months back because there’s really no better way to say it: The US acts as if it is the exceptional nation in cyberspace. It reserves the right to criticize and lecture others on what constitutes proper conduct but reserves the right to do […]


The increasing merriment of cyberwar

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 1:55 pm by George Smith

The latest from Edward Snowden is an inadvertant comedy routine with the NSA as the funny-men. If the GOP hadn’t thrown a monkey wrench into the US government, triggered the layoffs of 800,000 and the economic loss of 300 million a day, his leaked documents would still be hot shit. Now, not so much. Three […]


Cash In! Congressman/Lobbyist Byron Dorgan, author of cyberwar novel!

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 1:41 pm by George Smith

From the New York Times, astounding news that a Beltway insider has written a book about catastrophic cyberattack on the electrical grid! Boy, nobody’s ever done that. From the New York Times: WASHINGTON — It’s electrifying. Iran and Venezuela want to destroy the United States, so they conspire with a rogue Russian spy to launch […]


The Piffle of Cyberwar

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 9:24 am by George Smith

More junk war journalism: The most powerful nation in history is planning to toss a cruise missile volley into one of the world’s most miserable places but an alleged “Syrian” hacker attack has been plaguing the New York Times. Fuckin’ ay! Syria’s cyberattack: First wave of a bigger war? CNN — Server Not Found — […]

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