You can’t hide on the Dark Web

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If you’re going to do anything with real goods, illicit, dangerous, or both, you can’t hide on the Dark Web. If there’s enough manpower to investigate and it’s present at the right time, your anonymity is pierced. From Sweden, on a recent ricin case: A Swedish court has sentenced a 27-year-old German man to one […]


UK Man, a few cards short of a full deck, convicted on ricin charge

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By now it should be patently obvious that the FBI, as well as British national security, are well into operations and investigations on the Dark Web. In the latest news, Mohammed Ammer Ali has been convicted of buying what he thought to be five vials of ricin from an FBI special agent named “Peter” who […]


FBI and British police team up to bag mentally handicapped man in ricin sting

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UPDATED Since last year and perhaps earlier, the FBI has been deep into the so-called dark web with special agents posing as poison peddlers on the digital black markets accessed by the Tor browser. The effort has generated a few arrests and graphically shown the FBI coordinates with British security when those who think they’re […]


Ricin sting: The USPS is not behind the TOR network

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America is ricin happy, mesmerized by the mystique and allure of the poison found in castor seeds. Or at least a very small but unique demographic in it is. The next item shows the FBI, unsurprisingly, is still looking at black market sites on the “Dark Web.” And, in a first, its agents have conducted […]


Party like Walter White, invite the anti-ricin squad

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Walter White toasts you, new young ricin men. American mass media and Google are not your friends. Together, they’ve created a peculiar and abnormal environment which manifests in increasingly unusual pathologies. Google search now judges the most relevant materials to be those selected through crowd-sourcing by idiots. And so it is elementary to find worthless […]


The ricin lad said the darndest things about his favorite TV show. You and lawyers will scratch your heads!

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Young Georgetown ricin-maker, Danny Milzman, had a favorite TV show: Breaking Bad! In fact, if the lawyers in his case are to be taken at face value, one might say Breaking Bad broke him, in some hard to pin down way. I liked the show, too. Especially the end where Walter dies to Badfinger’s “Baby […]


Old Weird America, ricin kooks and extremism

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One imagined way of dispatching your enemies with ricin — dreamt of by Old Weird America extremists in the Eighties and passed down through the years. DD is intimately familiar with Old Weird America. I grew up in part of it, Schuylkill County, PA. There, fear of fluoridation and the existence of the occasional barn […]


Both were Americans

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From an Associated Press story on August 23rd, on exotic weapons and emerging technologies in the hands of terrorists: UNITED NATIONS — U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday that technological advances have made it easier for terrorist and criminal groups to obtain materials needed to make weapons of mass destruction, and some are actively trying […]


And if you gaze long into the abyss…

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The abyss also gazes into you. Words to take seriously if you’re reading about the so-called Dark Web. Tipped by the always timely Pine View Farm, I send you to a tech podcast at the Guardian, entitled “Inside the darknet” by Chips and Everything. As far as it goes, not bad, although the professed need […]


Right-wingers riled over anti-terror exercise

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From last week: Well over a quarter of a century ago I was always able to find Hutckinson’s recipe for abrin [and ricin] at the end of a telephone line. With the squeal of a US Robotics modem you would find it archived, along with lots of other alleged means to easy mayhem and malice, […]