The Empire’s Dog Feces

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From the Daily Plaster Caster: Electromagnetic pulse grenades are a favorite of sci-fi storytellers and videogame designers, a la Halo and Call of Duty. The Army evidently doesn’t want to be left out: It’s seeking a real-life version that can blast electromagnetic signals and fry insurgent bombs. To be specific, the Army wants “High Power […]


The Empire’s Dog Feces: AFRL/Boeing’s CHAMP

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The Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy — this time from the side of our arms manufacturers — finally think they have an electronic bomb. And they’ve bragged about making and changing history in a p.r. video with only, ahem, one thousand some views as of yesterday. Boeing can’t show you the Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile […]

The Empire’s Dog Feces: Famous last words

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He has an advantage because no one but the specialists will remember what he said this week two years from now: Whoever wins the upcoming presidential election, by halfway through the new term the Commander-in-Chief could be wielding a new weapon straight out of science fiction: laser cannons … Earlier this year [Rear Adm. Matthew […]


The Empire’s Dog Feces: Blinding lasers, pepper spray and electric rays

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle at 10:14 am by George Smith

The recently released Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Reference Book shows the current listing of mostly useless gadgets, some of which can kill or maim people, currently fielded for the US military. Some have bled into US police forces as a result of the weapons manufacturing boom and national militarization brought on by the forever […]


The Empire’s Dog Feces: A Dolphin Tale

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 10:19 am by George Smith

The Atlantic’s blogs are IQ tests for people who believe themselves smart but lacking observable evidence to back up such confidence. They’re intelligence exams, very simple, and they work like this: If you read or take them seriously, you flunk. When the media gets focused on war it cranks out crap on all the allegedly […]


The Empire’s Dog Feces: Not quite a Screamer

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle at 1:39 pm by George Smith

No surprise, the US Army has committed 5 million dollars to bring smaller flying assassins to bear on paupers. Called the Switchblade, here’s Aerovironment’s promotional video for the item. Five million seems a fairly small outlay for a drone order, suggesting performance restrictions not apparent in Aerovironment’s promotional video for the Switchblade. Limitations seem to […]


The Empire’s Dog Feces: Droning on

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Decline and Fall at 9:17 am by George Smith

In the news, yay: Despite reports that Iran hijacked a United States stealth military drone early this month and forced it to land in hostile territory, not everyone is buying the hype. “Some kind of mechanical malfunction” is probably what caused the unmanned drone, a Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel (nicknamed the “Beast of Kandahar” by […]


The Empire’s Dog Feces: Non-lethal use against OWS

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With Globalsecurity.Org hat on, a couple weeks ago I posted on the potential use of non-lethal weapons on OWS protests. Today, TPM discusses the appearance of portable LRADs in New York City. The LRAD, or long range acoustic device, is a sonic cannon. I posted on it here and here in the last year. From […]

The Empire’s Dog Feces: The never-ending invisibility cloak story

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle at 9:26 am by George Smith

The invisibility cloak is a story that’s been around for years, reliably numbing and nauseating people who aren’t insane for weapons technology. About a year ago a couple scientists began having trivial successes at essentially duplicating mirage effects. From a Yahoo news blog called The Lookout: A University of Texas Dallas scientist is working on […]


The Empire’s Dog Feces: Giant bomb stockpiled

Posted in Crazy Weapons at 3:11 pm by George Smith

The last time a giant bomb story showed up it was used in an exercise to intimidate Saddam Hussein and thrill the newsmedia. Much of the joy exhibited in monster bomb tales comes from the phallic symbolism. Ours is bigger — way, way bigger — and more tumescent puissant than yours. And there is a […]

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