Why BitCoin speculator Tim Draper wanted in to Argentina

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A couple weeks back venture capitalist and Six Californias ass hat Tim Draper won a US government auction for 30,000 BitCoins. From the blog: Draper is planning to use his digital wealth, in partnership with a company called Vaurum, to finance bitcoin-exchange services in the developing world. At a press conference, he praised bitcoin’s ability […]


Went to the movies

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Failure of the old PC necessitated change of platform, upgrade via a loaner of sorts, a new-ish laptop the modern web can’t choke. So, to Hulu, for some free video, the price of which is enduring commercials, more than you can shake a stick at but not so many as to make it unendurable. The […]


Whatever happened to Kennedy?

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Whatever happened to Kennedy, the MTV host (VJ), not the president)? Well, she’s a right winger with a show on Fox and kicks off the first few paragraphs of an NYT magazine feature on how Ayn Randism has arrived. Libertarianism is the new grunge rock for young voters. Rand Paul, Kennedy says, is Pearl Jam, […]


Views of the future from the Culture of Lickspittle

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Pew Research has a report about the future of artificial intelligence, robotics and what it means for employment. Naturally, they have a lot of quotes from people in the tech industry, famous pioneers and others who merely qualify as cheerleaders. What they all have in common is that they’re in the haves, many in the […]


Six Californias moves ahead: Silicon Valley uber alles

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Today venture capitalist Tim Draper, dean of Draper University for Heroes and bringer of BitCoins to Argentine investors who need something like gold to replace their pesos, successfully submitted the necessary signatures to get his Six Californias referendum on the ballot in 2016. This, you recall, the campaign to free the Silicon Valley from the […]


The Superhero of Venture Capitalists rides to the rescue of Argentine wealth

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Why did Tim Draper buy up 30,000 Bitcoins from the US government? So he can set up digital gold stockpile for other wealthy people in Argentina, where the upper tier on the society is distraught that inflation in the country’s crippled economy is devaluing their assets and all the debt they’re owed. From one business […]


Six Californias Billionaire snarfs up BitCoins

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BitCoin, the digital currency only for wealthy libertarian tech nerds, inheritance billionaires, speculators, hoarders and black markets, burnished the reputation today when venture capitalist Tim Draper was reported as having bought 19 million dollars worth of them, about 30,000, at the US government’s auction of the digital money recovered from the closed website, Silk Road. […]


Statehood for the titans of ‘Silicon Valley’

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The City News Service informs of Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper’s drive to get a voter referendum on splitting California into six new states on the ballot in November 2106. This involves a signature push throughout the state this weekend, usually at grocery stores, one to secure the names of a little over 800,000 […]


In the northern shires of the Paphlagonians

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There are enclaves of WhiteManistan in California. They just no longer count for much since no Republican holds any major public office in the state. But, if you go to the land of northern redwoods, WhiteManistanis have been trying to secede for years. Yesterday was election day, only one in three counties given the opportunity […]