Jailhouse rock: Tupelo’s J. Everett Dutschke gets 25

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J. Everett Dutschke’s band, Robodrum, playing his song, “Superhero,” in 2012. A 25 year prison sentence marks the end of the trail for one of country’s strangest fellows, ricin mailer and industrious outsider musician, J. Everett Dutschke, the only castor bean pounder to ever be a finalist in a Budweiser beer Battle of the Bands. […]


J. Everett Dutschke will not go quietly

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J. Everett Dutschke, the only alleged ricin maker to ever be a finalist in a Budweiser beer Battle of the Bands contest is in the news again. And I cannot do it justice. So, here, from the local newspaper: A man accused of sending ricin to President Barack Obama and two other public officials, then […]


Bean Pounding: Dutschke indicted, faces life term

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Left, Tupelo’s alleged ricin guru, J. Everett Dutschke J. Everett Dutschke is officially indicted by a grand jury. From the wire: The indictment charges Dutschke, 41, with one count of knowingly developing, producing, stockpiling, transferring, acquiring, retaining and possessing a biological agent, toxin and delivery system, for use as a weapon, to wit: ricin, and […]


Bean Pounding (More Dutschke)

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If you’ve kept up with the story of J. Everett Dutschke, his music and ricin letters here, you’ve had a full measure of the twisted idiosyncrasy and unusual crime he delivered to his neighborhood in Tupelo. However, these three grafs leap of a Washington Post feature on him: In the summer of 2012, as Dutschke […]


Ricin Mama gets 18 years

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Eighteen years is hard punishment for someone who appeared and appears to not really be all right in the head. Shannon Guess Richardson, like all of the Americans who try this, wasn’t capable of purifying ricin from castor seeds. They grind the seeds to powder and, in this case, famously mailed part of the slightly […]


Quote of the day

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From a Mississippi newspaper: “There is no obscurity after you’ve gone international and been framed in a presidential assassination plot by a karate instructor who works for your brother.” — Paul Kevin Curtis, originally arrested by the FBI after being framed by alleged ricin maker, J. Everett Dutschke. According to the newspaper, Curtis’ career as […]


The ricin lad said the darndest things about his favorite TV show. You and lawyers will scratch your heads!

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Young Georgetown ricin-maker, Danny Milzman, had a favorite TV show: Breaking Bad! In fact, if the lawyers in his case are to be taken at face value, one might say Breaking Bad broke him, in some hard to pin down way. I liked the show, too. Especially the end where Walter dies to Badfinger’s “Baby […]


Ricin nuisance continues his life’s work — in jail

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J. Everett Dutschke, still industriously refining the concept of weird obsessions: A Mississippi man charged with sending poison-laced letters to President Obama and other officials has been charged with trying for a second time to frame the man first arrested in the case. The suspect, J. Everett Dutschke, has been jailed since April on charges […]


Ricin Mama to plead not guilty

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By reason of insanity or something. From the wire: A Texas woman has been charged with federal violations for allegedly sending ricin-laced letters to the president. Shannon Guess Richardson, a 35-year-old New Boston, Texas, resident, was named in a three-count indictment by a federal grand jury in the Tyler Division of the Eastern District of […]


Bioterrorism rent-seekers (a series)

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The look of national bioterrorism defense entitlement spending in Omaha, Nebraska. The flush days may be ending. “Federal funding for the Special Pathogens and Biosecurity Laboratory at University of Nebraska’s Medical Center peaked at $1.2 million, has been sliced in half in recent years, and could get whacked again,” reads the Omaha World Herald caption […]

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