Economic Treason: Evisceration of US economy, in a graph

Posted in Made in China, Permanent Fail at 8:42 am by George Smith

Taken from data provided by the US Census Bureau, the above is DD blog’s graph of the increasing trade imbalance with China, plotted over twenty years. The horizontal axis starts at 1991. The vertical axis tops out at just below three hundred billion dollars for 2010, the number that results after you subtract US exports […]


Economic Treason: GE’s tax rate, from Mother Jones

Posted in Permanent Fail at 11:06 am by George Smith

As part of this blog’s economic treason discussions it is again emphasized that not only is General Electric a giant tax avoider … but that it also is not at all averse to taking lots of middle class tax dollars for GE Aviation in its arms manufacturing business. GE, along with Wall Street, corporate sociopath […]


Economic Treason: Corporate socialism for Boeing gets penalty flag

Posted in Permanent Fail, Predator State at 2:52 pm by George Smith

From AP: The World Trade Organization has ruled that Boeing Co. received at least $5.3 billion in illegal U.S. subsidies to develop and build new planes, according to a finding of a report first issued in January but made public on Thursday. The WTO trade panel’s report came in response to EU complaints, which had […]


Bombing Moe & Economic Treason: a twofer re training the Saudi Air Force in Idaho

Posted in Bombing Moe at 5:57 pm by George Smith

Saudi F-15 pilots in Mountain Home, Idaho, will lead to cultural intermingling? Ludicrous. Say it again, might have to break fingers. This one is so astonishingly emblematic of the clapped out American system DD had to laugh. It is an ace piece of reporting, published at al Jazeera’s website, even employs a song title from […]


Economic Treason: Arms sales puts US on the side of the bad buys

Posted in Permanent Fail, Predator State at 1:04 pm by George Smith

It will have occurred to many that the constant peddling of US-made weapons to the Middle East oil producers willing to be American toadies in the pursuit of the war on terror has been just like tossing bags of crap at many fans. In Egypt, US-made tanks and tear gas were in the streets. The […]


Economic Treason: A Look at Wisconsin and arms manufacturing

Posted in Made in China, Permanent Fail at 1:44 pm by George Smith

“We’re broke!” is the GOP blandishment used to justify imposing hardship on the middle class as Republicans go about the work of transferring more and more wealth to the already very well off. A few days ago, in the case of Wisconsin I highlighted Scott Walker’s famous number – $137 million in an immediate shortfall […]


Economic Treason: Letter of the day

Posted in Permanent Fail, Predator State at 2:07 pm by George Smith

Part, excerpted from the post last Monday where it comes in from the Globalsecurity SITREP mirror. The nub of it is the statement that arms manufacturing, as a protected and underwritten industry, is socialism for the private sector. And that social programs, like foodstamps, are only for parasites who are leeching off the profits of […]


Economic Treason: Depressing morning numbers

Posted in Permanent Fail at 10:43 am by George Smith

[The] 2008 Farm Bill included a program for new farmers and ranchers. Last year, the department distributed $18 million to educate young growers across the country. Tom Vilsack, the secretary of agriculture, said he hoped some beginning farmers would graduate to midsize and large farms as older farmers retired. “I think there needs to be […]


Economic Treason: NYTimes focuses on taxpayer funded arms sales to Egypt

Posted in Permanent Fail, Predator State at 8:38 am by George Smith

The top story at the NY Times today is a long piece on US arms sales and contracts with the Egyptian military. They’re abused, no surprise, worked for the benefit of the old Hosni Mubarak-military-oligarchy. That story is here. However, it also unequivocally demonstrates my assertion, published most recently in the Economic Treason post at […]


Economic Treason: Middle class whacked while arms manufacturing flourishes, case Michigan

Posted in Made in China, Permanent Fail, Predator State at 6:05 pm by George Smith

The Great Recession caused by Wall Street whacked almost all of the middle class in the United States. Newspaper articles and the opinions of economists discuss the the mass unemployment and hardship caused by it daily. However, there are some industries which escaped the Great Recession, one because of massive government bailout, another because it […]

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