Not Made in China: Economic Treason

Posted in Made in China, Permanent Fail at 12:49 pm by George Smith

UPDATED Now dumbly obvious, from CNN Money: One major pull on the working man was the decline of unions and other labor protections, said Bill Rodgers, a former chief economist for the Labor Department, now a professor at Rutgers University. Because of deals struck through collective bargaining, union workers have traditionally earned 15% to 20% […]


Export surplus

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The balance of trade in non-military domestic manufacturing may have gone to hell upon sale to China but there’s one place were the US still rules supreme. We’re the biggest sellers of arms, bar none, with special emphasis on sales to countries ruled by our toadies. “A worldwide economic decline had suppressed arms sales over […]


Inequality USA: Abrams tanks, yes! Street lights, no!

Posted in Decline and Fall at 5:44 pm by George Smith

General Dynamics Land Systems, makers of the M1 Abrams tank, in purple. Highland Park, where they’re being forced to hock street lights, in red. Two big parts of the American economy flourished during the last decade: financialization on Wall Street. And national security/arms manufacturing. General Dynamics Land Systems, corporate HQ in Sterling Heights, Michigan, was […]


The Empire’s Dog Feces: Arms manufacturing -is- entitlement spending

Posted in Permanent Fail, Why the World Doesn't Need US at 7:22 am by George Smith

A good deal of this blog has been devoted to the Economic Treason and Empire’s Dog Feces tags over the past twelve months. Both deal with the only area where American manufacturing jobs are protected: arms manufacturing. The rest of the country has been allowed to wither. The primary US export to the world is […]


There’s always time for killing jobs and bombing Moe

Posted in Bombing Moe at 9:43 am by George Smith

By way of Pine View Farm: The classic arguments by the celebrity pundits and serious people arranged like gilt furniture in Washington never mix in what’s going to continue to happen to the the middle class because of more big war adventure. Instead, one gets example like this — from Adam Serwer –– at the […]


Another day, another bag of the vile from AdSense

Posted in Imminent Catastrophe, Permanent Fail at 8:31 am by George Smith

Today’s bag of excrement from Google AdSense, as it relates to my territory at GlobalSecurity.Org: More ads for Glenn Becks’ “Broke” through peddling by a crypto neo-Nazi far right political website. An ad for a trailer about the “end of America” here which is aimed at getting people to buy advice from an investment consultant […]


The President doesn’t like Facebook bullies

Posted in Extremism, Permanent Fail at 1:36 pm by George Smith

Teachers get their rights taken away by a GOP ambush in Madison and the President spends the day on the scourge of Facebook bullying. Democracy Now has an interview with Michael Moore where he states the obvious — the wealthy, through the GOP, are waging open class war. It’s here. He needs to do it […]


The Fork-tongued Ayn Randian piffle of the plutocrat

Posted in Permanent Fail at 3:19 pm by George Smith

Charles Koch — yeah, one of those guys — has an editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal. It’s full of the self-important supremacy-flavored cant peddled by the super-rich. In other words, you can destroy the argument from authority position in a few strokes by examples taken from real life. Some Koch quotes are particularly trenchant […]


Not Made in China: US Senescence

Posted in Made in China, Permanent Fail, Why the World Doesn't Need US at 8:22 am by George Smith

From the New York Times, Louis Uchitelle’s conclusion that losing the manufacturing base wasn’t such a good idea. Quotes from various “experts,” easy observables by anyone on the street: Losing an industry or ceasing to manufacture a particular product, in this case stainless steel flatware, has indeed become a fairly frequent event. Just in the […]


Not Made In China: US Bullshit Manufacturing

Posted in Made in China at 8:50 am by George Smith

Your host didn’t quite know what to say after viewing the meeting of the President and the Hu fellow from China yesterday. A perfectly honest man might have created a stink and told the truth: We’ve spent a lot of time digging our own holes and now you’re a part of that, an enabler. And […]

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