Cult of EMP Crazy chief eclipses Gordon Gekko

Posted in Extremism, Phlogiston at 4:53 pm by George Smith

The Mitt Romney Blues is the soundtrack and you had it here a couple weeks ago. And if it had been Jon Stewart who made it instead of me, you’d have told everyone you know to stick it in their iKit. With a cynical little push from Newt Gingrich, the Republican voters who aren’t in […]


Cult of EMP Crazy: Roscoe strikes back

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism at 12:40 pm by George Smith

Perturbed by the semi-bad press the New York Times gathered for the Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy/Newt Gingrich piece a week or so ago, Roscoe Bartlett, the ancient GOP Congressman from Maryland who is one of the cult’s leaders, replied: Threats to the United States from a shockwave of electricity known as an electromagnetic pulse, […]


Cult of EMP Crazy: Beaten by science

Posted in Crazy Weapons at 9:11 am by George Smith

Two days ago, Secrecy blog published a report by the JASONs, a group of eminent scientists regularly tasked with providing analysis and conclusion on potential threats for the US government. According to Secrecy blog: The U.S. electric power grid is vulnerable to damage from severe electromagnetic solar storms and remedial measures should be taken to […]


Cult of EMP Crazy: Jesus saves!

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism at 11:19 am by George Smith

From a local color/opinion writer at the Times and Democrat newspaper of Orangeburg, SC: The experts say the damage would be millions of times worse than 9/11. Nobody would have power, and most modern cars wouldn’t start. The Internet has been completely destroyed, and the financial system is offline, perhaps forever. All phone communication is […]


Cult of EMP Crazy: End Times-ism

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle, Extremism at 11:17 am by George Smith

Because of Newt Gingrich’s momentary popularity — I noticed he’s the cover of Newsweek which must surely mean the bubble’s about to burst — many more people have been familiarized with the mythology of electromagnetic pulse doom. Right now, it’s not just for the far right GOP missile defense/bomb Iran lobby anymore. And although Gingrich […]


Cult of EMP Crazy! Zany!

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle, Extremism at 11:33 am by George Smith

A picture worth a couple thousand words. Zany? You bet. Winning! Note: One of Gingrich’s favorite lobbying groups can’t spell his name right — Gingrinch (Freudian slip?) — on the title of their uploaded video. Keywords: Newt Gingrich, zany, electromagnetic pulse attack This is how it happened.


Cult of EMP Crazy: Our imaginary pulse bomb

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle at 10:30 am by George Smith

Ripples from the Newt Gingrich electromagnetic pulse attack phenom, published in the New York Times days ago, continue lapping over the minds of those mesmerized into believing one of our most long-standing techno-rubbish myths. In this case, it’s our electromagnetic pulse bomb — the weapon that’s been coming but never quite arriving for twenty years. […]


Cult of EMP Crazy, day two

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle at 1:33 pm by George Smith

Not surprisingly, William Broad’s front page cover of the Newt Gingrich and his obsession with electromagnetic pulse attack myth-making ignited many other original stories and echoes throughout the media sphere. They repeat the script described yesterday. At the top of the list was DC’s far right newspaper, The Washington Times. On its opinion page, furnished […]


Newt, chief of the Cult of EMP Crazy, covered by the Times

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle at 2:56 pm by George Smith

Today William Broad of the New York Times put Newt Gingrich’s role as one of the chieftains of the Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy, into that high button newspaper. DD blog touched on it last month, along with Gingrich’s numbing videos for the electromagnetic pulse doom lobby, here. Indeed, I’ve covered the Cult of EMP […]


Cult of EMP Crazy: Newt the whore

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle at 2:03 pm by George Smith

UPDATED Now that Newt Gingrich is enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame atop the heap of horrid GOP presidential hopefuls I can use it as an excuse to show him back when he was basically the famous person for a group of relative nobodies (but persistent nobodies) in the Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy. Gingrich […]

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