Goodbye General Keith

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A fair career summary. Straight from the NSA: The ongoing cyber-thefts [by China] from the networks of public and private organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, represent the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. The 60 Minutes public relations tour: John Miller: Could a foreign country tomorrow topple our financial system? Gen. Keith Alexander: I […]


CAHY: American manufacturing

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From the wires: Raytheon, one of the world’s largest military contractors, opened the doors today to its newest missile factory, a state-of-the-art facility that will produce weapons for the United States and its [toadies]. According to Raytheon, the Huntsville, Ala. plant, located at the U.S. Army’s Redstone Arsenal, will produce Standard Missile-3 and Standard Missile-6 […]


Old Mr. Urban Slum

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Pine View Farm again points out a diverting read, this one in the Asia Times by old Mr. Urban Slum himself, Mike Davis. Ever since DD has been in southern California, Davis has been semi-famous for his role as the teller of the stories on how everything will slowly collapse. (From the perspective of someone […]


Operation Annihilate

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James K. Galbraith, author of the book — The Predator State — I reread multiple times a couple years ago has a web piece. It speaks about the nihilist mania of those now trying to bring down the US government through a default. Galbraith makes understanding this intellectual anti-matter — the alleged Constitutional-loving Tea Party/GOP […]


How and why the vulture economy boosts inequality explained (as well as lots of other stuff)

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UPDATED A long scholarly paper from 2008 by James K. Galbraith took up most of my morning, stumbled across by following Krugman’s pointer to a conference on the causes and consequences of inequality at Princeton. I’ll jump right to the conclusion of it for an excerpt: “[Equality] fuels efficiency. A society that systematically reduces the […]


Made in China: WSJ poll indicates nausea

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The frontpage story in today’s Wall Street Journal led with the headline: Americans Sour on Trade “The American public, already skeptical of free trade, is becoming increasingly hostile to it,” it reads. “It is also prompting concern among US businesses reliant on the rest of the world for growth.” “Even Americans most likely to be […]