The Sham Concern of Our Zillionaires

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It’s a commonly seen antic in our Culture of Lickspittle: Zillionaires who grab headlines or design new public images around a feigned concern for the middle class and inequality that’s the toast of Davos and Aspen. From TIME magazine, an essay on how said zillionaires are allegedly expressing concern for the environment they’ve greased. In […]


The Coolest Gig, guaranteed publicity, too

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Being the billionaire spokesperson for those trampled underfoot is the new coolest gig in the world. Nick Hanauer is the best of all venture capitalists, taking about two years to make a career as a celebrity 0.1 percenter, one on the side of the little people, has been certified cool by many of our six […]


Best quotes from today’s Culture of Lickspittle

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On Facebook and it’s experiment: “Only a fraction of our connections on social media are people we love. The rest are people we already probably dislike.” Better, on what Facebook should do next, or what it already does, if you catch my drift: Notifications of career success from an acquaintance who is in the same […]


The Plutocrat Sociopaths who go off the range

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The plutocrat sociopath is a common sight. Every now and then one of them pretends to go off the range, appearing on the opinion pages of the New York Times, or in some allegedly important documentary, anywhere high profile, to tell us all he or she has seen the corruption of their ways. Over the […]


The professional left reviews Inequality for All

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Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of the Nation, a magazine I once (long ago) subscribed to and now never read, celebrity-slumming in the WaPost: “Chilling.??? That’s how one reviewer describes the experience of watching Harvey Weinstein’s latest film. Only the movie in question isn’t “Erased,??? Weinstein’s pulse-pounding thriller about an ex-CIA agent on the […]


Blessed are the job creators

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One of my friends is always sending me links for lectures posted at TED. I always delete them and send a retort meant to discourage the sending of more in the future. It bums him out that I’m this way. The reason TED stuff is virtually worthless: It’s for semi-bright nerds and other simple-minded and […]