Structural stupidity

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About once a week DD spies a story in the mainstream on how the jobs are out there, it’s just that Americans are too stupid to do them. These are all part of a a structural unemployment argument, one based on the idea that most of the mass unemployment is due to jobs and skills […]


Mr. Corporate America Hates You (continued)

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News from the wires today on Mr. Corporate American Hates You — GE’s Jeff Immelt — on his compensation (as well as the compensations of his cronies in the President’s jobs council) and a new report on how to fix mass unemployment. First to the compensation of the plutocrats, which was published by AP: Sure […]


Mr. Corporate America Hates You — on 60 Minutes

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Decline and Fall at 10:26 am by George Smith

Imagine DD’s delight at seeing Mr. Corporate America Hates You on 60 minutes last night. As a symbol everything’s that wrong, as one of the very big reasons Occupy Wall Street is campaigning against economic injustice, General Electric’s Jeffrey Immelt didn’t have to work at it. All that was within came out and condemned him. […]


Cosmetic changes at the biggest corporate tax dodger

Posted in Decline and Fall at 8:04 am by George Smith

Jeff Immelt of GE, perhaps showing a bit of discomfort from his company’s role in the great de-jobbing: General Electric Co. (GE), once still vilified in the U.S. for leadership in outsourcing jobs, is pulling more information-technology positions back in-house. Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Immelt has said GE will add more than 15,000 jobs in […]


The Empire’s Dog Feces: Many job openings for bombing paupers remotely

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The structural thing, at Newsweek, increasingly used as a rationalization to stop worrying about massive unemployment. It’s all the fault of stupid workers with atrophied, obsolete skills. There are plenty of jobs and employers can’t fill them fast enough: [One] survey for the National Association of Manufacturers in 2009, near the recession’s nadir, found that […]


The President has left the building (continued)

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UPDATED The President continues his co-opting of tricks from the GOP playbook along with the community college obsession/cure-all in a swing through the south. The latest, from the wires, is so Republican: We can only create jobs if we cut the deficit. Deficit cutting is job creation. Also: Before meeting with his jobs council at […]


The Gift of Corporate Tax Evasion Keeps on Giving

Posted in Permanent Fail at 7:12 pm by George Smith

Source: Citizens for Tax Justice. Whatever happened to ImmeltMustGo? Well, like everything else, popular sentiment doesn’t count for much until election day. And often not even then so much.


Back to normal

Posted in Permanent Fail at 2:21 pm by George Smith

AP: In the boardroom, it’s as if the Great Recession never happened. CEOs at the nation’s largest companies were paid better last year than they were in 2007, when the economy was booming, the stock market set a record high and unemployment was roughly half what it is today. …. Companies analyzed by AP granted […]


More re YouTube and corporate lickspittling

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 8:53 am by George Smith

If you upload home videos to YouTube you notice the practice of corporate lickspittling attached to your page as monetization. This happens through the ‘promoted’ vids put at the top of your suggested viewing column. Almost exclusively they’re devoted to corporate efforts, for want of a better description, GE “good time-y” excrement. For example, lately […]


Corporate sociopathy

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Permanent Fail at 12:24 pm by George Smith

When the plutocracy and US big business come in for months of bad publicity, they just lobby for more bribes from the US government. And the US government caves in. In the Middle East, they riot. What’s missing here? What’s been put in the water? It’s not the fluoride. For years after fluoridation the nation […]

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