Computer security stupefaction

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I stopped writing about most incident and general computer security issues because there’s no longer any point to it. The stories of large breaches and new vulnerabilities come, often in multiples, every day. News of it is of no practical use to the average person. It’s an endless river of excrement and a fact of […]


Cyber Guardian to the Banksters gives a speech to the flock

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 10:26 am by George Smith

Keith Alexander: “Freedom is not free.” No, advice on the matter costs a million bucks a month for some, maybe. Briefly retired ex-NSA director Keith Alexander has been busy. “He’s already out pushing hard,” as someone pointed out earlier this week. And he just pushed hard as the keynote speaker at the Gartner Security and […]


For Hire: Cyber Guardian for Banksters

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 1:24 pm by George Smith

Continuing with the issue of retired NSA director Keith Alexander almost immediately going to work as a million dollar security consultant to the 1 percent, a bit from today’s International Business Times: “He’s already out pushing hard,??? an anonymous industry source told Politico. “He’s cleared. If something does pop, he can get in the door […]


Computer Security for the 1 Percent

Posted in Cyberterrorism at 9:50 am by George Smith

Pointed out by Bill Blunden, author of Behold a Pale Farce, a much recommended here book on cyberwar and the national cybersecurity industrial complex, retired NSA director Keith Alexander is cashing in his chips. Most profitably, too, if his consulting price for a month of services at $1 million gets a lot of takers. From […]


Security for the 1 percent

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Illustrating that global cybersecurity policy and action in the US is purely for the benefit of the 1 percent, Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post wrote a story on leaked details of a concerted Iranian attack on American banks in 2012 a couple weeks ago. Keep in mind while reading anything from the linked Post […]


Reviewed and recommended: Behold a Pale Farce

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 4:32 pm by George Smith

Authors Bill Blunden and Violet Cheung have produced something of a first, a comprehensive book on cyberwar that isn’t like the rest. Behold a Pale Farce’s (TrineDay, trade paperback) strength is reality, a feature that makes it entirely unique in its field. Readers of this blog know the topic of cyberwar reasonably well. The national […]


E. Howard Hunt 2.0

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 12:55 pm by George Smith

Ex-NSA chief Keith Alexander, a man in the mold of E. Howard Hunt. From Politifact, via this blog, a week or so ago: During his 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised to “ensure that his administration develops a Cyber Security Strategy that ensures that we have the ability to identify our attackers and a plan […]


This old book on computer viruses is awesome truth! You’ll be delighted and laugh as you read! And then you won’t pay for it!

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 12:50 pm by George Smith

This kind of motivation was a far cry from the old hacker pseudo-ethic, “Information wants to be free.” It was true that contemporary hackers tended to repeat this slogan over and over in their underground manuals. But in practice, it was little more than a convenient euphemism, eyewash that obscured the underlying bedrock of hacker […]


Fire the nobodies

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 4:28 pm by George Smith

Someone had to pay for Edward Snowden and it damn well isn’t going to be Keith or Mike McConnell of Booz Allen: The director of the N.S.A., Gen. Keith B. Alexander, is retiring next month after serving far longer than his predecessors. The director of national intelligence, James R. Clapper Jr., who has also been […]


NSA: Spying on the paupers and piss ants

Posted in Bombing Paupers, Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 1:55 pm by George Smith

The US has the biggest national security infrastructure in world history. It’s globe-spanning. And what’s its purpose? To hammer poor people, mostly. Nothing advertised it more than, once again, 60 Minutes’ lame publicity work for the National Security Agency. Let’s stop a moment and look again at what the NSA chose to show on television. […]

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