“Left of launch” — the big failure. So Big. Now, “fire and fury.”

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Left of launch appears to have failed abysmally. Did it even exist except in the minds of a small set of weird American cyberwarriors? So our leader promises “fire and fury.” Basing reaction and strategy on the alleged impact or cleverness of internally rhyming triplets seems unsound, the constructions of cretins. (Heh — lil’ joke.) […]


The next cyberwar fantasy

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From the New York Times, today, Bret Stephens writes about what he wishes: A troubling thought for you: What if the Americans really did succeed in pressuring the Chinese to cut you off? Or what if somebody found a Stuxnet-type solution to cripple your only operational refinery or blow up the pipeline through which you […]


Be Strategic, Not Impulsive, Make them Eat Potatoes

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Tom Friedman invokes the power of American cyberwarriors to put North Korea to heel: Don’t even think about lobbing one near us, or we might just shut off all the lights in your pathetic failing state. We can do that — just like we can make your rockets blow up or go off course. Have […]


America’s cyberwarriors lose another one

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it appears our cybwewarriors tore down the goal posts and danced in the end zone in the first few minutes of the game only to find, [pause], they eventually lost. Again. “Depending on how heavy a warhead it carries, this latest North Korean missile would easily reach the West Coast of the United States with […]


Going Full Hitler

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From the Guardian today, two of the six-figure swells go full Hitler: “Accusations of betrayal. Demagoguery and hatred. The bunker in Berlin. Comparisons with Adolf Hitler have been tempting throughout Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for the presidency – never more so than at its mad, destructive climax. “The Republican’s presidential bid appears to have become […]


The GOP, the press and Iraq

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The Big Fraud. And I experienced a part of it first hand in 2004 and 2005. It’s why some people read this blog. The alleged al Qaeda London ricin ring is a subject I never thought I’d return to in the context of presidential contenders in 2015. Jeb “Mistakes Were Made” Bush and Marco Rubio […]


Facts of life in the corporate dictatorship

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Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration, has been deservedly glum most of this year. And he should be. Reich knows the country he lives is in nothing more than the world’s foremost corporate dictatorship. Reich can’t call it that. So he writes columns like “Why So Many Americans Feel So Powerless” […]


Security for the 1 percent

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Illustrating that global cybersecurity policy and action in the US is purely for the benefit of the 1 percent, Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post wrote a story on leaked details of a concerted Iranian attack on American banks in 2012 a couple weeks ago. Keep in mind while reading anything from the linked Post […]


Your heart will break at the plight of this bright young lad! Pass it on!

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Danny Milzman, the ricin-making student at Georgetown, may be a first in the past decade’s history of castor bean pounders in America. After today’s court appearance, Milzman’s attorney, Danny Onorato, was successful at getting him into an in-house psychiatric evaluation and treatment program at a hospital after which he would be released to home. The […]


Everything old is new again

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All the nausea-provoking cliches of American war junk journalism have returned: “What would a military strike on [fill in the blank] look like?” [1] Followed by numbing, intelligence-insulting descriptions of weapons platforms, maps with potential targets and quote from “experts” at US think tanks, all career dependent on continuous war. Tried to counter it with […]

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