Levenderis convicted in Ohio ricin case

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Jeffrey Levenderis of Akron, OH, was convicted in a ricin case that had been on the books since 2011 when the FBI discovered a mixture containing it in a jar in his former dwelling. The government said is was to be part of a plot to kill his stepfather and “against first responders who might […]


The ricin lad said the darndest things about his favorite TV show. You and lawyers will scratch your heads!

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Young Georgetown ricin-maker, Danny Milzman, had a favorite TV show: Breaking Bad! In fact, if the lawyers in his case are to be taken at face value, one might say Breaking Bad broke him, in some hard to pin down way. I liked the show, too. Especially the end where Walter dies to Badfinger’s “Baby […]


Not so fast with the young ricin-maker, says another judge

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Yesterday I posted a long analysis on the case of young Danny Milzman of Georgetown U., the first ricin-maker ruled to be sent to for psychiatric treatment at a hospital, then release to his parents after two weeks. The government argued Milzman should be held without bond. If released to Sybil Memorial Hospital in the […]


Your heart will break at the plight of this bright young lad! Pass it on!

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Danny Milzman, the ricin-making student at Georgetown, may be a first in the past decade’s history of castor bean pounders in America. After today’s court appearance, Milzman’s attorney, Danny Onorato, was successful at getting him into an in-house psychiatric evaluation and treatment program at a hospital after which he would be released to home. The […]


Ricin Mama cuts a deal

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Shannon Richardson, the Texas woman and sometime television extra who tried to frame her husband on a ricin beef by sending castor powder letters to the president and others, has entered a plea agreement with the government. No terms have been announced. While in jail, Richardson gave birth to a child. She was originally charged […]


Castor powder crap in fridge costs locals 25k

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The war on terror has resulted in reason defenestrated for many things. Jeffrey B. Levenderis’ castor powder containing ricin in a container in the refrigerator, where it probably sat harmlessly for a long time, has cost Coventry Township officials in Ohio big time. That’s because of the regulations and hysteria which causes authorities and emergency […]


The poor sod, continued

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A judge refused bail to Jeffrey B. Levenderis, jailed when a container containing castor powder was found in what had been his refrigerator by a new tenant. The short news item reads: A federal judge said no Wednesday to the release of a man charged with possessing toxic ricin. The judge ruled that Jeff Boyd […]


The poor sod, 3

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From Ohio newspapers: Ricin suspect Jeff Boyd Levenderis will continue to be held on suicide watch in Summit County jail at least until a Feb. 15 federal court hearing when his lawyer will resume trying to get him released on bond. Federal and local authorities arrested him last week after the deadly toxin ricin was […]


The poor sod, continued

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The altie Cleveland Scene published this photo plus caption of Jeffrey Levenderis, the castor seed pounder. It’s a bit of piling on; almost all the white guys banged up over powdering castor seeds for the sake ricin over the past ten years have been generally pathetic down-and-out individuals. Levenderis is no different. But this is […]


The poor sod

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UPDATED Over the course of the war on terror DD has seen US white men banged up regularly for the sin of being ricin kooks. No matter how much print is on the web indicating that it’s unwise, from a legal standpoint, to pound castor seeds, they do it. And if they then run into […]