Reviewed and recommended: Behold a Pale Farce

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 4:32 pm by George Smith

Authors Bill Blunden and Violet Cheung have produced something of a first, a comprehensive book on cyberwar that isn’t like the rest. Behold a Pale Farce’s (TrineDay, trade paperback) strength is reality, a feature that makes it entirely unique in its field. Readers of this blog know the topic of cyberwar reasonably well. The national […]


Fire the nobodies

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 4:28 pm by George Smith

Someone had to pay for Edward Snowden and it damn well isn’t going to be Keith or Mike McConnell of Booz Allen: The director of the N.S.A., Gen. Keith B. Alexander, is retiring next month after serving far longer than his predecessors. The director of national intelligence, James R. Clapper Jr., who has also been […]


Defector from the Shoeshine Corps of Cyberwar

Posted in Cyberterrorism, Shoeshine at 2:57 pm by George Smith

From the wire: The source of the intelligence leaks that revealed the National Security Agency’s massive domestic surveillance program last week was identified on Sunday by the Guardian as Edward Snowden, a soft-spoken 29-year-old former technical assistant for the CIA and current employee of NSA defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton … “I don’t want to […]


Mr. Cyberwar-Shoeshine

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 9:24 am by George Smith

There’s no place safe from electronic Pearl Harbor, not even lowly Huntsville, Alabama. Or rather, there’s no place the plutocrat cutpurses and their shoeshine boys in the national cyberwar industry find too small if there are taxpayer dollars to be taken off the rubes. Infamous cyberwar-shoeshine man, Mike McConnell, picked up his check from the […]


Expose the US virus war machine (continued)

Posted in Cyberterrorism at 9:49 am by George Smith

After 20 years of national leaders and various experts making hay and fortunes on warning about others gathering to attack the US with cyberwar, what’s the sound when the US is exposed as the now most famous virus-writing machine for attacking others? Crickets. Well, that’s only a small bit of it. There’s still no shortage […]


The Joker

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 11:03 am by George Smith

Lord spare us once again from 60 Minutes whoopie cushion news of things to come, deadeningly promised and threatened for as long as I’ve been in cyberspace: Panetta: The reality is that there is the cyber capability to basically bring down our power grid to create … to paralyze our financial system in this country […]


To protect and serve the plutocracy: Our cyberwar defenders

Posted in Cyberterrorism at 1:44 pm by George Smith

I continue to maintain the cyber-defense industry is for the haves. Half the populace could be in plywood shacks and lining up for a chance to have what’s left of the laundry done at homeless centers and we’d still have to put up with warning about cyber-attacks on the financial system. These assembled quotes, inspired […]


The Plutocrat of Cyberwar speaks

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism, Decline and Fall at 9:19 am by George Smith

A dose of horseshit from plutocrat Richard Clarke today, one of the fathers of cyberwar and cyberterror furor going back to the Clinton administration. Clarke opines on the pages of a Boston newspaper. Very little of it is worth reading for value in 2011 America. Arguments about cyberwar are of no interest to the American […]


Janey Come Lately

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 9:38 am by George Smith

Some professor who puts her classes to sleep discovers a reason behind cyberwar hype: The drumbeat in support of government monitoring and control over private networks becomes deafening when the drummer is Bush-era cybersecurity chief (and now executive vice president of Booz Allen) Michael McConnell … It may be in consultants’ interest to create an […]


A plutocrat firm gets its stuff taken by the cyber-paupers (a continuing series)

Posted in Cyberterrorism at 9:17 am by George Smith

Smilin’ Mike and his firm, targeted by Anonymous. The ‘they had it coming’ rule in action. From the Beeb: A file containing more than 90,000 e-mail addresses plus passwords, logins and other information was put on The Pirate Bay file-sharing site. The group [Anonymous] said it stole the information by targeting a poorly protected server […]

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