Fearmongers and the Assholeocracy

Posted in Phlogiston, Predator State, War On Terror at 2:36 pm by George Smith

Last week Matt Taibbi’s on-line column at Rolling Stone ran the second installment in his Supreme Court for Assholes. Taibbi and selected friends form a court and then adjudicate whether or not someone in the news is an asshole. And then, if dubbed so, they’re given a score on a relative scale of assholery. Surprisingly, […]


Cult of Cyberwar: Cult Chieftain wins debate, bad guys thought good fellows by audience

Posted in Cyberterrorism at 8:41 pm by George Smith

Wrong venue, wrong audience. You’re in the wrong place when you’re trying to argue ” ‘The Cyber War Threat Has Been Grossly Exaggerated’” before an audience at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.” — this from NPR here. Sort of reminiscent of famous catastrophic bills in rock and roll. Like the Jimi Hendrix Experience opening for […]


Cult of Cyberwar & the grand old party of crazy mean people

Posted in Cyberterrorism at 1:21 pm by George Smith

Today, speaking for itself: Several Republicans have criticized President Obama for placing new limits on the use of U.S. nuclear weapons, but Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., raised eyebrows among liberal foreign policy observers by suggesting during a Wednesday rally with Sarah Palin that the American nuclear arsenal is needed even to deter cyber attacks. “If […]


Cult of Cyberwar: I’ve already seen this movie

Posted in Cyberterrorism at 1:27 pm by George Smith

Everyone in the political class and mainstream media acts like the current news about cyberattack on the nation is unique. It’s not. There was a paroxysm on it back in 2003 when the first strategy to secure cyberspace was unveiled. At the time, I was asked to comment on an old article addressing it in […]


Cult of Cyberwar Chieftain Admits Cult Has Overdone It

Posted in Cyberterrorism, Extremism at 9:45 am by George Smith

One of the headmen of the Cult of Cyberwar, James Lewis of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, admits the cult has overdone it in recent months. This in a short essay, “The Cyber War Has Not Begun,” here. Lewis writes: No nation has launched a cyber war or cyber attack against the United […]


Cult of Cyberwar: Laugher of the Day

Posted in Cyberterrorism, Extremism at 12:54 pm by George Smith

Americans are nothing if not the foremost braggarts in the world. It’s embedded in the national DNA. There isn’t a day that goes by without someone being proclaimed a rockstar, a wizard, a true star. Usually in complete absence of any proof why this should be so except that lickspittling in corporate America. Today’s headline […]


Cult Chieftain Flogs Book: Richard Clarke — threat or menace?

Posted in Cyberterrorism, Extremism at 10:34 am by George Smith

“How vulnerable would the U.S. be if a global cyberwar broke out today?” writes some cyberwar fugleman at a Forbes blog. “Vulnerable enough, according to Richard Clarke, former anti-terrorism czar under Presidents Bush and Clinton, that he rates our odds behind even those of our most Luddite adversary: North Korea.” For the Cult of Cyberwar, […]


Cult of Cyberwar: When Booz Allen’s Mouthpiece Attacks

Posted in Cyberterrorism at 2:13 pm by George Smith

Smiling Mike McConnell, one of the most famous salesmen-in-chiefs of the cult of cyberwar. Committed to hiring computer security specialists from the clutches of the government then leasing them back at premium rates for the benefit of Booz Allen business. From today’s news, Mike McConnell of Booz Allen’s cybersecurity sales unit, again making a putsch/pitch […]


Enormous CyberAttack Takes Ten Minutes to Undo Here

Posted in Cyberterrorism at 9:19 am by George Smith

From December on DD ‘old’ blog: [I] removed a copy of one of the Zeus/Zbot pieces of malware after it floated through my anti-virus software on Saturday. This took about ten minutes, not only to squash but also to upload to the vendor so that it might be detected at some point in the future. […]

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