Bioterrorism defense bust? Not cost-effective

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Long-term readers know the story of bioterrorism research in the United States. There was nothing that could not be funded because bioterror was inevitable and imminent. It was easy for bioterrorists to do. Allegedly. Fifteen years on from the anthrax mailings the US has still had only one bioterrorist. Bruce Ivins — who was an […]


Bean Pounding: Buquet case delayed

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The trial of accused ricin mailer Matthew Buquet has been pushed off until next year. The reason? Because there is only one lab in the country that does the forensic ricin determinations needed in the case, according to the judge. But is this really true? It’s an interesting story. From the wire: The federal trial […]


Bioterrorism rent-seekers (a series)

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The look of national bioterrorism defense entitlement spending in Omaha, Nebraska. The flush days may be ending. “Federal funding for the Special Pathogens and Biosecurity Laboratory at University of Nebraska’s Medical Center peaked at $1.2 million, has been sliced in half in recent years, and could get whacked again,” reads the Omaha World Herald caption […]


Ricin machines and rent-seeking

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Alleged ricin-making machine, Matthew Buquet. From the wire: Matthew Buquet, 37, entered not-guilty pleas during an appearance before U.S. Magistrate Cynthia Imbrogno. He is charged with producing and transferring a biological toxin called ricin; mailing a threatening communication to the president of the United States; and mailing a threatening communication to a federal judge. He […]


Roscoe’s last ride (continued)

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Roscoe Bartlett, and others, in the trailer of a straight to Internet movie about the end of US civilization. Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy eminence grise Roscoe Bartlett is approaching an election which the odds-makers say will end his political career. From local news in Maryland: Incumbent Republican Roscoe Bartlett, who’s held the seat since […]


Blowjob for Research on Bioterror at Fort Detrick

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The next post is only made as another illustration on how almost no thought goes into the media’s coverage of bioterror research in this country. In fact, one might say that only anti-thought is allowed, a desire to see only people who are groupies to the scientists at work in the National Biodefense Analysis and […]


A Most Catastrophic Nomination

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Updated Tara O’Toole, CEO of the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Biosecurity, has been nominated by the Obama administration to be the top scientist at the Department of Homeland Security. While readers may not know the name, if one actually likes their science based in reality, not scenarios which are Biblically apocalyptic and free of […]