Brainless Memes, Steve Jobs and the fall of the United States

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I’m sick of iPhone Steve Jobs as offspring of immigrants posters/signage. Maybe you are too. “We’d have no Apple or iPhone if it weren’t for Steve, the son of a Syrian migrant,” goes the bleat. You’d have to use Samsung or LG! It qualifies as yet another brainless meme of the moment, picked up and […]


This week in Libertarian Billionaire Dingbat net TV

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More fresh and hot from the Culture of Lickspittle, via Peter Thiel, who according this blog’s archives can always be counted on for the best in witless bon mots: You know, we landed on the moon in July of 1969. Woodstock started three weeks later, and with the benefit of hindsight, that’s when progress ended, […]


Libertarian tech nerd bosh

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Peter Thiel, noticed today because Paul Krugman and someone else kind of make fun of him. Krugman: On a slightly more elevated note, Matt Yglesias has some fun with a prominent libertarian, Peter Thiel, who looks at the contrast between rapid progress in information technology and less rapid progress in “stuff” and blames .. the […]


The likely story: Facebook co-founder/US tax dodger sez Iyamnotataxdodger

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See, when you make money on the clicks and data-mining of US Facebook users who do pay taxes, you take that swag to Singapore, the famous wart-on-the-tip-of-Malaya that masquerades as an important country, to cheat Uncle Sam. From the wires, the likely story, filed under ‘P’ for ‘Parasites:’ Eduardo Saverin, the Facebook co-founder who gave […]


Libertarian gung-fu computing logician master

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UPDATED Cryptome has posted a New Yorker profile of Peter Thiel, one of the crew that includes Elon Musk, the people who made a billion by creating PayPal. And then was one of the first investors in the Z-man of Facebook. (Related: Elon Musk — from the archives.) Worth quite a lot and convinced of […]