Neo-Nazi Ricin Kook EMP Crazy: Musta been a barrel of laughs at the backyard party

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism, Ricin Kooks at 8:00 am by George Smith

DD’s artist’s conception of how ricin is recommended for use in the Poor Man’s James Bond. England has neo-Nazis, too. And one in the news now, Ian Davison, is an average example of a similar genus found in the US: A white supremacist who trolls the net for mayhem manuals, cobbling together home-made weapons based […]


No More Myths from the GWOT, Daddy, Please!

Posted in Bioterrorism, Crazy Weapons, Phlogiston, War On Terror at 4:51 pm by George Smith

“The Al Qaeda videotape shows a small white dog tied up inside a glass cage,” writes famous reporter Peter Bergen today for the New Republic. “A milky gas slowly filters in. An Arab man with an Egyptian accent says: ‘Start counting the time.’ Nervous, the dog starts barking and then moaning. After flailing about for […]

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