Empire of Bezos: GI Joe s— as lit

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 4:04 pm by George Smith

Since Jeff Bezos’ attempts to become a physical book publisher have been fought well at the retail level, Amazon has expanded its imprints to publishing only for the digital world. You can see much of it at apub dot com. 47North, for example, is a digital Kindle imprint devoted to horror and science-fiction. A look […]


Hail to the Kook

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle, WhiteManistan at 4:27 pm by George Smith

Ol’ EMP Crazy, now stocking 50 pound bags of corn from Sam’s Club and expanding his refuge in Appalachia in advance of the imminent end of America. In 2012, notorious electromagnetic pulse kook Roscoe Bartlett was run out of the House, losing election to a Democratic candidate in a redrawn district. So, naturally, the first […]


The perfect ‘money’ for our time

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Fiat money fear and loathers, Psychopath & Sociopath, WhiteManistan at 12:50 pm by George Smith

The tech nuisance demographic that supports bitcoin is a subset of the right wing libertarian tribe. They view it as a way to do their part in destroying tyrannical government. Cody Wilson, for example, the young pest who was sure his 3D-printed plastic gun plans were a strike at government until the US ITAR rules […]


DD’s Law at work

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism, Extremism at 12:01 pm by George Smith

The probability that any predicted national security catastrophe, or doomsday scenario, will occur is inversely proportional to its appearance in entertainments, movies, television dramas and series, novels, non-fiction books, magazines and news. Or, put another way, the probability that something bad will happen, as described or predicted by experts or any government, intelligence or quasi-corporate/government […]


‘States rights’ and Electromagnetic Pulse Crazies

Posted in Crazy Weapons at 1:51 pm by George Smith

Since Roscoe Bartlett was run out of Congress leaving the cause of electromagnetic pulse doom-stopping in the hands of legitimate rape caucus member Trent Franks of Arizona, the old Cult of EMP Crazy has been gravely damaged. But like the twin phenomena of zombie dramatic cable television and movies, it always staggers forward, always has […]


Part of the legitimate rape caucus

Posted in Crazy Weapons, WhiteManistan at 11:41 am by George Smith

Joined with the electromagnetic pulse caucus in the House. Trent Franks, famous last week for being part of the zoo of barely sentient animals from The Pit, aka GOP crackpots who opine on rape, in Politico: [Electromagnetic pulse] has the potential to be the ultimate cybersecurity threat because it can take our source of power […]


WhiteManistan’s Army

Posted in Ted Nugent, WhiteManistan at 1:33 pm by George Smith

The UN’s recent approval of an arms trade treaty has, predictably, whipped WhiteManistan’s crazies into a now bog standard frenzy over its alleged conspiracy to take away America’s guns. Before I get to it, the NYT explains what the treaty is really about: Although implementation is years away and there is no specific enforcement mechanism, […]


All the weird, angry people…

Posted in Crazy Weapons, WhiteManistan at 12:48 pm by George Smith

Steve at Secrecy blog alerted me to Sunday’s episode of The Simpson’s, Homer Goes to Prep School, which pillories a subject familiar to blog readers. In it Homer Simpson goes to the local bar where he runs into a kook who asks if he’s ready for a world gone WROL, Without the Rule of Law. […]


Cult of EMP Crazy recedes

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle, Psychopath & Sociopath, WhiteManistan at 3:22 pm by George Smith

When Roscoe Bartlett, mainstay of the Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy, had his House career ended in the November election it dealt a heavy blow to the lobbying group. With Newt Gingrich being run off the national stage yet again, two of its most vigorous personalities were cut down. Although Bartlett never got any legislation […]


The WhiteManistan routine

Posted in Ted Nugent, WhiteManistan at 9:11 am by George Smith

Today starts with Ted Nugent because he is so emblematic of the twin problem of WhiteManistan and the gun lobby. In his many public statements and columns Nugent has never shown even the slightest basic human decency. And this weekend was no exception. Nugent showed no believable sorrow over the Newtown massacre in an interview […]

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