Ricin Mama gets 18 years

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Shannon Richardson, the original ricin mama, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for making castor powder containing the toxin. Richardson mailed the powder in three letters in 2013, one of which was sent to the president. From thw wire: TEXARKANA, Texas – A Texas woman was sentenced Wednesday to 18 years in prison for […]


The ricin lad said the darndest things about his favorite TV show. You and lawyers will scratch your heads!

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Young Georgetown ricin-maker, Danny Milzman, had a favorite TV show: Breaking Bad! In fact, if the lawyers in his case are to be taken at face value, one might say Breaking Bad broke him, in some hard to pin down way. I liked the show, too. Especially the end where Walter dies to Badfinger’s “Baby […]


Ricin Mama cuts a deal

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Shannon Richardson, the Texas woman and sometime television extra who tried to frame her husband on a ricin beef by sending castor powder letters to the president and others, has entered a plea agreement with the government. No terms have been announced. While in jail, Richardson gave birth to a child. She was originally charged […]


Bioterrorism rent-seekers (a series)

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The look of national bioterrorism defense entitlement spending in Omaha, Nebraska. The flush days may be ending. “Federal funding for the Special Pathogens and Biosecurity Laboratory at University of Nebraska’s Medical Center peaked at $1.2 million, has been sliced in half in recent years, and could get whacked again,” reads the Omaha World Herald caption […]


Ricin Mama indicted

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Shannon Richardson was just indicted on three charges of mailing threatening letters, the most famous of which went to the President. If guilty, it’s five years per charge. “(I will) make sure you wont be runnin this country in the ground any further,” the letter to the Prez said, which along with the other two, […]


Ricin machines and rent-seeking

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Alleged ricin-making machine, Matthew Buquet. From the wire: Matthew Buquet, 37, entered not-guilty pleas during an appearance before U.S. Magistrate Cynthia Imbrogno. He is charged with producing and transferring a biological toxin called ricin; mailing a threatening communication to the president of the United States; and mailing a threatening communication to a federal judge. He […]


Ricin Texas, 75570

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Not over yet. From the wire: Authorities have returned to a Texas home linked to the investigation into ricin-tainted letters sent to New York City’s mayor and President Barack Obama. FBI agents wearing hazardous material suits were seen going in and out of the house in New Boston Wednesday. The house also was searched last […]


As The Bean Turns

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White trash, stupidity, castor beans and the recipe for ricin as soap opera, granting first shot at book deal, movie or tv tie-ins and fifteen minutes of fame to nobodies only in the news for dumb perversity. From the wire (taken with no backlink, network news infinite load page): The husband of a pregnant actress, […]


US cybersecurity leaks damage credibility … not that it had much

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The massive leaks on the Obama administration’s cyber-spying and cyberwar initiatives to the Guardian come at an incredibly damaging time for the President. In the run-up to this week’s talk with Chinese premier Xi Jinping in California the US government carefully laid the stage with selective news leaking on rampant Chinese cyber-spying. The cyber-spying operation, […]


Bean Pounding: A dissident in WhiteManistan

Posted in Ricin Kooks, WhiteManistan at 11:48 am by George Smith

And probably going over as good as a lead balloon. From the Memphis Flyer, by Randy Haspel, excerpted: These bizarre [ricin mailing] culprits are merely the dull tip of the spear when it comes to the gun-crazed individuals who live among us. The NRA has morphed from an organization that taught firearm safety and responsible […]

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