The F—– Up World of Glenn Beck

Posted in Extremism at 2:41 pm by George Smith

UPDATED Readers may recall DD’s mention of Fox News singing the praises of the books of Ayn Rand yesterday. It was during Glenn Beck’s show and came in connection with the host pushing his new book, The Overton Window. Rand, Beck — the same — both stalwart pushers against ubergovernments and philistines attempting to suppress […]


Old Weird America, ricin kooks and extremism

Posted in Extremism, Psychopath & Sociopath, Ricin Kooks at 2:22 pm by George Smith

One imagined way of dispatching your enemies with ricin — dreamt of by Old Weird America extremists in the Eighties and passed down through the years. DD is intimately familiar with Old Weird America. I grew up in part of it, Schuylkill County, PA. There, fear of fluoridation and the existence of the occasional barn […]

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