Quote of the Day from WhiteManistan, published by SpecialStan

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Ignoring half the country because they voted for Trump and you feel them to be the wrong sorts of people, a still evolving disaster. Thomas Frank, in the Guardian: The wreckage that you see every day as you tour this part of the country is the utterly predictable fruit of the Democratic party’s neoliberal turn. […]


The Volkische wisdom of WhiteManistan’s gun bullies

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Support your local rural white guy and his 600 dollar lethal metal organ. Or else (they’ll buy even more of them.) The NYT brings home the volkische wisdom from the country environs of the Red, White and Blue Gau. It’s all about good clean fun, reads the title. AR-15 ownership and shooting instills feelings of […]


The Frothing Wisdom of WhiteManistan

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What’s left to say? Drink THE FIRST TIME: Anyone mentions Hitler, Nazis or Neville Chamberlain. Includes related imagery, e.g. “ovens.” The crowd cheers a racist/bigoted statement by a candidate. — more, from the Rolling Stone Guide to drinking during the GOP debate “After the final agreement with Iran over its nuclear program was announced in […]


WhiteManistan militia: Aiming to dispel stereotypes

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No self-recognition. (And couldn’t help taking the, uh, easy shot with the title.) Excerpts from an Alaska newspaper: “It’s an effort to show the public that we are different, and that we’re trying to change the public perception of what militia groups and survival groups and prepper groups are,” Luntz said. Some of the people […]


Psychology Today — on WhiteManistan

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From the LA Times this week, in passing: I found that men — the vast majority of gun owners are men — may also carry weapons as a reaction to a broader socioeconomic decline. Frankie, a retired Detroiter, told me that in the 70s he got “a job at General Motors, and they were hiring […]


Yes, WhiteManistan has lost its marbles

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Pity the people who are not insane in Texas. They’re trapped in place with the encapsulated delusions of the ruling right and they can’t get out. The only answer is to run the GOP from political power, as in California. But that’s not an option in Texas. So this week, many people who wished to […]


Wrestling with the problems of WhiteManistan (part the 1000th)

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Predatory economics. The American gulag, all non-whites and poors given advance ticketing. The biggest military in the world used to destabilize the weakest and most destitute countries in the world. Uncontrollable expansion of the national security infrastructure. Police militarization for the purpose of clampdown on legitimate grievance. Repression of non-violent protest. Exacerbation of rioting through […]


Hated in WhiteManistan, inspiration to target the working poor

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In 2013, Fox News and the American lunatic right put a world-class hating on southern California surfer and foodstamp recipient Jason Greenslate. And through 2014 they made him the poster boy inspiration for a subset of Republican Party cruelty laws targeting the working poor. Jason Greenslate’s sins? Two, both fairly minor. First, being foolish enough […]


Wrestling with the problems of WhiteManistan

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And still losing, mostly. The New York Times continues the beat, that of which the identity cannot be specifically named: On April 3, Colbert King, a Washington Post columnist summarized a series of actions by Republicans attacking the president’s authority in areas that most Americans thought had been settled by the Civil War. Arizona legislators, […]


Meanwhile, back in WhiteManistan…

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Thanks to Pine View Farm, I am informed of the burning spirit of patriotism in Conoy Township, about twenty minutes from where I spent three years of postdoc research, deep in the heart of Pennsyltucky. Much more, and pictures which tell all of it, from the Daily Mail. And after you’ve had more than you […]

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