Did the NSA foil the Zazi peroxide bomb plot?

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THe NSA’s Keith Alexander has pointed to the case of Najibullah Zazi, a foiled improvised bomber (peroxide explosives, specifically) who was seized by the FBI in 2009, as evidence its PRISM surveillance program is critical for the safety of Americans. In the case, Zazi quickly reached a plea agreement with the government and was assumed […]


Zazi Shnazi — the standard quality al Qaeda recruitment

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A recent investigative feature from a Denver newspaper goes into the case of Najibullah Zazi, the failed terrorist who wished to make subway bombs from beauty parlor supply store chemicals. The paper relates the counter-terror operation that nabbed him. The government intercepted e-mails, was quickly on the stick and tailed Zazi all the way to […]


Zazi Shnazi

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Like peroxide bombs, whenever the oafish failed al Qaeda man, Najibullah Zazi is in the news, hits at DD blog go up. And he’s been in the news this week. Because he’s admitted guilt and is telling it all, and probably making some up, to authorities — perhaps so he doesn’t spend ALL of the […]


At GlobalSecurity.Org

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Formally: Did the NSA foil the Zazi peroxide bomb plot? For those who can’t deal with my rock ‘n’ roll nickname (from ’85).


The Poor Woman’s James Bond

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Strange and perverse fruit of the war on terror, Internet “terrorism” files, and mentally unwell Americans: Morgan Gliedman, 27, and Aaron Greene, 31, were arrested Saturday in their Manhattan apartment after officers with a search warrant found 7 grams of HMTD, a highly explosive white powder used in bomb making. Police also seized a flare […]