Letter from Pennsyltucky

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The cause of failed state government in the United States is WhiteManistan.

From a letter published in the Allentown Morning Call:

President Obama could have prevented this shutdown by demonstrating leadership qualities (which he sorely lacks) and by sitting down with the Republican leaders in Congress to try to work out a compromise. Instead, he and the Democratic leaders in the House and Senate (namely, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid), resorted to name-calling directed at the Republicans (“anarchists,” “extortionists,” etc.) rather than trying to work out a compromise …

In hindsight, the American people lost out on the opportunity to have prevented all this controversy had they elected Mitt Romney president. He would have been a uniter instead of a divider, a problem-solver instead of a problem-creator.

If only Mitt Romney, not written but still uttered — the white man — had won, the guy who implemented an equivalent of Obamacare in Massachusetts. (And in Pennsylvania, he lost, too.)

The tribe of WhiteManistan cannot abide two elections in which the majority chose that black man, Barack Obama. It bedevils them, they despise him, make no bones of it and consider everyone who voted for him a traitor and/or a parasite. And so it has steadily used weakness in the design of the US government to undermine government and stage a coup, a rebellion, which — if successful, effectively destroys his presidency.

That’s more than half of what paralyzing the government and threatening to blow the foundations is about. The undisguised malice toward the black man in the White House cannot be separated from the shut down and threats over the debt ceiling. Only terrible people overlook the animus and pretend its over philosophical differences on the role of government in providing health insurance.

And so they have made a unique civil war, one in which the armies don’t fire on each other, the bodies don’t pile up, the separation and secession isn’t geographic north and south, but still in entire states and the difference between a many-colored America and a mono-colored one where others still know their place.

Make no mistake, they were always aching for a Fort Sumter, it has been slowly coming for years. Now it’s here.

There’s no remedy for it until they are completely driven from the field. There’s no shared future American experience that includes the contributions of WhiteManistan, only the toleration of its long goodbye. They know it, too.


Hates school lunches: We get what we deserve

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Big media mainstreamed Ted Nugent. And he’s only a symptom. So if the government defaults in two weeks and remains closed, a good many, not just in the GOP, brought it on by making rabid old paranoid white lunatics a common and respected American brand.

From Ted Nugent, made a celebrity on network television and in the Washington Post, today an expected advocate for shutting down the government forever, except for the military, police, prison guards and executioners:

“The 1970s Chrylser automobiles that wouldn’t run couldn’t hold a candle to the engineered obsolescence of Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, the laughable U.S. post office, the jackboot indecency of the EPA, the ESA (this isn’t even an agency, it’s the Endangered Species Act, law), OSHA, USFW, USDA, NPS, USFS, NEA, FDA, [the] BLM … Who the hell came up with the government providing school lunches, food stamps, cellphones, rent, fuel, wars on drugs, wars on poverty, mismanaging forests, running parks … Go ahead, do us all a huge favor, and put the brakes on the America that never should have been. I watch the $6 billion school lunch program to feed the starving children go straight into the dumpster and right out to the local landfill.”

Shorter: Die! Die! Everybody but the shut-‘er-downers die! Die two or three times, especially school lunches.

No link.

He’s a sociopath, a bigot, ignorant beyond belief, a horrendous writer and public speaker, a well-paid and influential star who accurately reflects the sentiments of many.


Face In the Crowd: Frankensteins bummed the monster is out of control

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Plutocrat bankers, including Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, met at the White House with the Prez, really worried about the GOP monsters they worked hard to set loose because of the guy who dared say a few cross words to them a few years ago:

“Blankfein and other bank CEOs said they told the president they agree the long-term consequences of a shutdown would grow ‘extremely adverse’ if the U.S. fails raise its borrowing capacity.”

Among them, Robert Benmosche, CEO of AIG, notably called out as a sociopath by Paul Krugman, on the opinion pages of the New York Times a week ago.

A capital investment.

Tom Clancy, gone at 66

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Tom Clancy has died, astonishingly, at 66.

I was a very much younger man when I bought the first hardback edition of The Hunt for Red October from the Naval Institute Press. It quickly became a best-seller, propelled by blurb furnished by Ronald Reagan.

The rest of the story is known to everyone.

Clancy became the leading author of the techno-military thriller genre — he almost invented it single-handedly — essentially, bodice-ripper fiction for men where the romance is in the story of the military supremacy of the US, always struck low in the beginning of a usually not less then 400-page tale, then rising on the shoulders of brave and resourceful officers and enlisted men, or spies, to crush the enemy.

There were blockbuster movies, computer games, probably even a television show, an empire created.

I haven’t read any of it in decades and now might only have the Red October book, somewhere in a hidden pile.

Frankly, it was always pretty much crap but shite that was very appealing to a emotionally stunted but large young to middle-aged white male audience, jingo dudes who got erections over loving technical descriptions of advanced American weapons of war as they were in the process of destroying “the bad guys.” (The latter of which Dave Barry lampooned in an hilarious column a long time ago).

Another way of putting it: Tom Clancy was very dear to the beating heart of WhiteManistan.

I outgrew it and got rid the books, even those of the coat-tailing authors, of which there were and are still way too many.

Still respect must be paid to the achievement and regret shown over his passing too soon. Clancy’s millions of books made people happy, including me, for a bit. And just a day ago I noticed a newer title by the man in the one place where many Americans are still most likely to buy an occasional book — the grocery store.

Clancy was the original. Rest in Peace.


Hector Heathcote Day

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In honor of the despised minority who closed the US government because of their hatred for the President and the fair passage of law, a photo tribute collected from newspapers in the last few days.

Hector Heathcote rings his liberty bell a week or so before hundreds of thousands of tyrannical federal employees are sent home and the US government slowly grinds to a halt. Freedom at last.

Some of the men of the Second Revolt. God Bless America. Slight surge in sales of Hector Heathcote costumes begins.

Battle on, older white patriots and freedom fighters! Your cause has been the most noble in the land. “At the National Institutes of Health, nearly three-quarters of the staff was furloughed.” The same is happening to the Centers for Disease Control! Moochers whose jobs are just a symptom of bloated, out of control government.

Well done, men of WhiteManistan! In your tireless effort to preserve our freedoms and liberties, you made an older lady cry:

“Michael Mueller, a retired visitor from Arizona, and his wife Bea had planned their trip to New York for six months. Instead, she was left in tears at what she said should be the last thing to close.”

The bill for the 2010 elections comes due.

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