EMP Crazy: The Hollywood cliche

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle at 1:36 pm by George Smith

Is there anyone who doesn’t see electromagnetic pulsing on television, in comic books or movie screens a couple times a week?

From the wire — no link:

New Regency has picked up The New West, an adaptation of a comic book written by Jimmy Palmiotti, with Len Wiseman now on board to produce …

Palmiotti, co-writer of DC Comics’ All-Star Western comic (art by Phil Noto), wrote the two-issue New West set in a near-future Los Angeles where an electromagnetic pulse bomb causes all technology to stop working. In this hostile environment, a disgraced former LAPD detective must rescue a kidnapped mayor with only a horse and a sword.

Unintentionally hilarious because no one would actually want to rescue the mayor of Los Angeles for much of any reason in southern California.

Phoned in rubbish by those in Hollywood who regard audiences as so many factory-caged chickens.

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