Nutty Frank Gaffney proclaims Michele Bachmann “Iron Lady”

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Most of you never read the Washington Times. This is too bad because it’s the official newspaper of the insane political party in this country, the GOP. It publishes opinions daily that are either complete fictions or hateful — often both — except to those with the politics of Ted Nugent.

Today, Frank Gaffney, one of the evergreen chieftains of the Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy, Islam-o-phobe and birther, proclaims Michele Bachmann similar to Margaret Thatcher.


Movie theaters across America have recently showed a film depicting former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a woman whose visionary leadership and fortitude — particularly in the fight against Soviet communism — earned her the sobriquet “the Iron Lady …???

Fortunately, it turns out that as we confront our time’s most imminent threat to freedom, we have found America’s Iron Lady: Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. Her Thatcheresque qualities are evident in the fearless and visionary leadership she is providing in opposing Shariah’s most formidable champions, the Muslim Brotherhood …

At the moment, Mrs. Bachmann is not facing mere name-calling but outright character assassination. She has been singled out for special treatment despite the fact that she was one of five members of Congress (the others were Reps. Louie Gohmert of Texas, Trent Franks of Arizona, Lynn A. Westmoreland of Georgia and Thomas J. Rooney of Florida) who had the temerity to send to the federal inspector general formal requests for investigations into Muslim Brotherhood influence operations inside our government. That’s a threat every bit as dangerous as the communist subversion of a generation ago.

It is, of course, no accident that Mrs. Bachmann is being subjected to such vilification by the Islamists, their allies on the left and in the establishment media’s amen chorus …

Mrs. Bachmann’s response to her critics is vintage Lady Thatcher: “I will not be silenced.???

Bachmann and others, inspired by Gaffney’s regular toil to point out a government subversion that most people lack the vision to see, have attacked Hilary Clinton’s assistant at the State Department, Huma Abedin. The Islam-o-phobes have been trying to tar the woman for months in a McCarthy-esque hunt for enemies within.

Until lately the mainstream media has mostly ignored them.

It has had bad consequences. Light sanitizes. The absence of it encourages the spread of noxious fungus and microbial slime. The same people have been responsible for absurd GOP party planks and red state legislation seeking to ban the alleged creeping subversion of the US justice system by shariah law.

What happened when idiot voters either stayed home or decided to punish Democrats in 2010. Election of those who are “white and crazy.” Except for the stitch Nazi — that was, apparently, a bridge too far.

The anti-shariah law kooks.

Frank Gaffney — 180 pounds of complete bosh and loony extremist party fun — from the archives.

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