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You can’t beat American delusion — this time on the non-existent Afghan air force:

The budding Afghan air force was supposed to receive $355 million worth of planes custom-made for fighting guerrillas well ahead of the U.S. withdrawal in 2014. Equipped with machine guns, missiles and bombs, those reliable, rugged turboprop aircraft are cheaper to operate and easier to maintain than fighter jets …

The Afghans won’t get the planes on time. The Air Force initially awarded a contract to a U.S. company to supply Brazilian-designed planes. But it canceled the contract after a Kansas-based plane maker filed suit to block it, and the Air Force decided the contract had insufficient documentation. The Kansas congressional delegation also lobbied hard against the Brazilian plane …

Air power is essential for policing Afghanistan, a mountainous land with forbidding terrain, harsh weather and few roads. Recent events have underscored its importance in quelling the insurgency. When the Taliban staged attacks in Kabul and across the country in April, Afghan security forces managed to end the assault thanks to U.S. air support.

The country’s previous occupiers knew this well: As the Soviets withdrew in 1989, they left to the Afghans over 400 military aircraft, including over 200 Soviet-made fighter jets. Remnants of that defunct air force—rusting supersonic Su-22 attack planes, bullet-perforated Mi-6 heavy lift helicopters—now litter the boneyard of Shindand, the hub of the Afghan air force near the Iranian border.

Maj. Gen. Mohammad Baqi, the top Afghan air force commander at Shindand, likes to bring young Afghan trainees here for a history lesson. The scrap heap, he says, is a reminder of “what a strong air force we had” before the base was battered by Afghanistan’s civil war, and before its runway was cratered by U.S. bombs during the 2001 campaign to oust the Taliban.

Read the whole thing if only for the astonishing levels of bullshit and cognitive dissonance.

What made the United States think Afghanistan could have an air force? It’s not even a functioning country. On both sides, people with so little sense they couldn’t pour piss from a boot with the instructions printed on the heel.

Forty seven million Americans on food stamps and we’re trying to buy an air force for the crooked semi-government of Kabul.

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