Sick Sad World (doesn’t quite capture it)

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Wade Michael Page, the forty year old ex-soldier named as the perpetrator of the latest massacre, this in Wisconsin, was a member of the Nazi punk band, End Apathy.

Like every other punk band in North America, End Apathy entered Ernie Ball’s Battle of the Bands contest for a slot on the Van’s Warped Tour. The Google entry caught my attention as readers will recall I’d asked them to vote for the DD band’s page a couple months back.

The page is here.

Our latest white hate-filled maniac with a gun.

“In a 2010 online interview with End Apathy’s record label Label56, Wade said he had founded the band in 2005 because ‘I realized … that if we could figure out how to end people’s apathetic ways it would be the start towards moving forward,'” reads a Reuters piece.

Label56, a place for neo-Nazi punks, has since taken the page down. Readers will note a neo-Nazi entertainment label made this record … which the converted, even the band members including Wade Michael Page, ignored anyway.

In the last twenty years there has never been a shortage of Nazi punks, a fact the label’s catalog well illustrates. The page advertises a show of white neo-Nazi punk rock, over the past weekend, in Bratislava and Budapest. It also pushes End Apathy “shirts and vinyl” merchandise, including a women’s ‘babydoll’ T, all since removed.

An expert from the Southern Poverty Law Center told Reuters Wade once attempted to buy “goods” from the National Alliance, the primary neo-Nazi group in the United States. The group was once lead by William Pierce, the author of “The Turner Diaries,” the best-selling premier piece of white extremist hate fiction in the country, a book favored by domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh..

O votes, 22 fans — reads Wade’s Battle of the Bands page. The band also had the page mirrored at a RockStar Energy Drink contest. The profile has since been removed although a cached page at Google can be found.

The vinyl and its art, from End Apathy and like-minded peers at Label56, explicitly telegraphs a philosophy of hate that erupted in Wisconsin with deadly results over the weekend.

The popular neo-Nazi split single format, optimized for atrocities and all grim outlooks.

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