Pete and Re-Pete were in a boat …

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Pete fell out and who was left?

Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy Peter Pry, at the right-wing FrontPage magazine, on EMP doom and his group of lobbyists trying to save us from it:

Peter Pry: Our Task Force is an experiment in returning to an earlier era, when the private sector played a much bigger role in U.S. security, as in the War of 1812, which was not won at the Battle of New Orleans, but on the high seas by American privateers who crippled Britain’s merchant shipping. I like to think of our Task Force as a group of expert intellectual privateers, operating on a shoe string, but achieving decisive results by raiding and sinking the myths, propaganda, and bad ideas of lobbyists and bureaucrats who would leave our nation vulnerable to an EMP catastrophe.

FP: Is there anything the average American can do, or is this Washington’s problem?

Pry: Call and write your Congressman and Senator and tell them to support the SHIELD Act (HR 668), sponsored by Rep. Trent Franks, and the legislative initiatives of Congressman Roscoe Bartlett to protect our national electric grid from EMP.

–Contribute to Congressman Roscoe Bartlett’s re-election campaign. Bartlett, who has been the national leader on EMP preparedness, is fighting to keep his seat because his district was gerrymandered.

Also noted: Republicans Fight for Chick-fil-A’s First Amendment Rights.

Cult of EMP Crazy from the archives.

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