Speaking out in a colorful way

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Here’s the current list of washed-up angry white guy musicians who really really hate the president:

Hank Williams, Jr. — He compared the president to Hitler on Fox and had his music canned on Monday night football. This inspired his new album of mostly hating on Obama tunes. He gave the record away on YouTube which didn’t make it any less the dud.

Onstage in Iowa, over the weekend, a quote: “We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!”

A few days earlier washed up white thrash metal guitarist Dave Mustaine of Megadeth tells an audience in Singapore the president was behind recent mass shootings. When this is publicized Mustaine continues the nutso and white-knuckle ex-drunk act on Alex Jones, roping this all into some UN conspiracy to deprive Americans of guns as well as anything else you can think of. Mustaine’s words, he insists, have been taken out of context by the mainstream media.

And — of course, there is Ted Nugent. Nugent spouts the same weird John Bircher/Tea Party conspiracy crap about UN plotting, too.

No one will pay for Ted Nugent to make records anymore so pretty much all he has left is touring county fairs and casinos during the summer, running celebrity hunts for his cable television show and appearing as an extremist pundit for the right. This year he’s been by the US Secret Service for popping off at the NRA convention. And he has racked up a reputation as a hunting scofflaw after two convictions, one for deer baiting, the other for illegally bagging a bear.

And this is the line a Hollywood Reporter entertainment journalist uses today to sum it all up, in a story about Hank Jr. fulminating at a state ag fair in Iowa:

“Williams isn’t the only musician to speak out about politics in colorful ways this month.”

Comparing the President to Hitler, implying he was behind recent massacres, saying if the president is re-elected you’ll be dead, a statement that gets the Secret Service to your door — these are all examples of speaking out about politics in “colorful ways.”

“The president, for the record, is a Christian,” the Hollywood Reporter person adds helpfully.

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