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Nugent at the WaTimes:

Support American jobs and businesses. Buy a Gibson guitar and throttle some good old American R&B love songs of defiance.

Nugent plays Gibsons and the entire column is a rant about the government investigation into Gibson’s illegal importing of ebony, something every other guitar company manages to avoid getting into trouble over. (For the record, the government recently signed an agreement with Gibson letting the company off the hook on the condition that in the statement of fact it essentially admitted it had violated the law. It was a decent deal.)

Gibson employs more people in China, Korea and Indonesia than it does in the US. It’s US manufacturing is for the high end of the market. All American guitar manufacturers abandoned US production for the low and middle markets, the meat of the business, over a decade ago. All of it was sent to China.

DD blog has discussed Gibson many times.

The pricing of its domestically made product, and the company’s move into China exploded the demand and market for counterfeit Gibson guitars. Documented on YouTube, many American buyers show little brand loyalty to the firm, even wanting to buy counterfeits, because of the current state of guitar manufacturing.

Counterfeit Gibson guitars, advertised at the Washington Post, a few months ago.

It goes almost without saying: Ted Nugent never gets anything right. His politics and beliefs make no allowance for it.

From an English newspaper, a report on the GOP presidential nominee’s company:

For months they have watched their plant being dismantled and shipped to China, piece by piece, as they show teams of Chinese workers how to do the jobs they have dedicated their lives to.

“It’s not easy to get up in the morning, training them to do your job so that you can be made unemployed,” said Borman, pictured, a mother of three who has worked for 23 years at the Sensata auto sensors plant …

Borman knows her eventual fate in the stricken economy that surrounds Freeport. “I am going to be competing for minimum wage jobs with my own daughter,” she said.

Such scenes have been common in America as manufacturing has fled abroad in search of cheaper wages.

But, in the midst of the 2012 presidential election, Freeport is different. For Sensata is majority-owned by Bain Capital, the private equity firm once led by Mitt Romney, that has become a hugely controversial symbol of how the modern globalised American economy works.

In 2008, they voted for Obama.

In 2010, they went Republican in a very big way.

“The anger towards Bain and Romney is palpable,” reads the Guardian.

“Of course, no one at the Romney campaign wants to be linked with the Freeport plant closure.”

It would seem they would not go radical Tea Party this year, as in 2010. But you can never be sure.

This, from a recent poll on the “middle class:”

The middle class blames Congress as the lead culprit for its demise, but blames itself least of all. While 62% of middle class respondents to the Pew survey blamed Congress for their worsening state, 54% blamed banks and financial institutions, 47% blamed corporations, 44% blamed the Bush administration, 39% blamed foreign competition and 34% blamed the Obama administration. Just 8% of all respondents blamed the man (or the woman) in the mirror.

An inexact metaphor for the middle class’s election choices during the last few decades — good at self-destructive dick biting.


  1. Chuck said,

    August 22, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    Sometimes I wonder if we’re beating a dead horse with this “made in USA” thing. At some point, I figure it won’t matter–there will be *no* market for unskilled labor anywhere in the world.

    Witness Bezos and Co. buying a robot manufacturer:


  2. George Smith said,

    August 22, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    Of course we are. There will be unskilled labor — it will be jobs that robots are too expensive for, hazardous stoop labor in fields, picking up trash, wait staff, supermarket work. The problem the country faces is that you can’t have a US where the vast majority of the population is what they call chavs. Which we’ve gone over previously.

    Bezos has a lot of such jobs on Mechanical Turk. You can transcribe corporate meetings, endless recordings of them, for a hundredth of a cent/word. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He wants robots in warehouses — and I’ve seen the Kiva operation, it’s fairly limited — because he was horribly embarrassed last year when a Pennsylvania newspaper ran a report on the conditions in one of his fulfillment centers, so bad the local emergency room physicians treating people for heat stroke and exhaustion called OSHA and had an investigation run on the operation.

    But back to the Kiva — as I saw it, it can’t totally replace workers. The robots are more like moving automated forklifts, they can’t do packaging and mailing, or sorting. They can just get a container holding something and take it back.

    However, the corporate predation isn’t reversible. Short of any rebuilding of labor standards or a New Deal type of thing, the big companies will just chase slave labor around the world. The only thing that would stop it is prohibitive fuel/transportation prices which would radically transform the world economy.