Barack Obama campaign song to sing

Posted in Extremism, Rock 'n' Roll at 1:10 pm by George Smith

It’s not partisan or biased to lampoon odious reptiles. It’s not my fault old white Christian panty-sniffers and extremists are the base of the Republican Party.

Inspiration taken from David Allan Coe’s “Don’t Bite the Dick,” many places on YouTube, shown earlier in the week.

C’mon. I know I had you laughin’ at “You can’t say that!”

No more Carly Rae Jepson lipsynch/karaoke, have mercy! It’s still and IQ test. If you’re in a crew or an organization, like the US military, and still haven’t grasped that 10,000 people have already done it — you flunk.

The DD guarantee: No use of karaoke backing to popular songs, ever. All done in real time.

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