‘The theory of the delighted womb …’

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One remarkable line, retrieved by an Internet search of (one assumes, because it’s unspecified) American southern white Christian theocratic groups, conducted by a Texas State University professor of health education.

Published in a Gail Collins column on Todd Akin and the belief that there is a magical inner shield against pregnancy after rape:

“If the woman is dry, the sperm will die.”

“This theory goes back to our forefathers, who believed that in order for our foremothers to conceive, ‘the womb must be in a state of delight,’ ” Collins writes.

Hat tip to Pine View Farm.

Alternative title: Der Heevahava.

The toast could still land butter side down. The Psychopath Vote guarantees Der Heevahava could still be Senator.

Here’s a woman-in-the-store interview piece from a DC-centric publication that makes an attempt to dig deeper. And fails. It does not ask other equally relevant questions: How many of the women are tuned into Fox daily?

Wal-Mart is only the vat in which we, the story’s subjects, collect. And it’s a non-specific vat in a very down economy where most people are affected.

What’s the voting split of Wal-Mart shoppers, or for that matter, Target, which serves my area in Pasadena?

Pretty wide, I’d guess. I shop there. But I’d also guess the views go wide by color of skin, and other factors outside of shopping location, too.

The lede, excerpted:

ASHBURN, Va.—It’s a scary time to be a woman,” says “Jenni,” the young star of one of President Obama’s television ads airing in Virginia and other swing states. “We need to attack our problems, not a woman’s choice.” To hear Democrats tell it, the Republican Party is waging a “war on women” in which abortion rights, birth control, and Planned Parenthood services are under siege.

Republicans counter that the only “war” being waged is by the Obama economy. “Poverty, unemployment, fading hopes …”

The real war on women is for their votes.

In Virginia and other battleground states, the most open-minded and coveted sliver of the electorate skews female …

Still, the photo caption reads: Walmart mom: The GOP’s attempts to limit abortion rights rankled Miller.

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