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Posted in Extremism at 1:55 pm by George Smith

Todd Akins in the woodwork everywhere. Today, from a press meeting in Harrisburg, PA, a Republican suspiciously named “Tom Smith,” running against Senator Bob Casey:

Robert Vickers, Patriot News: In light of Congressman Akin’s comments, is there any situation that you think a woman should have access to an abortion?

Tom Smith: My stance is on record and it’s very simplistic: I’m pro-life, period. And what that Congressman said, I do not agree with at all. He should have never said anything like that.

Vickers: So in cases of incest or rape…

Laura Olson, Post-Gazette: No exceptions?

Smith: No exceptions.

Smith isn’t like Todd Akin except when he is like Todd Akin. It gets worse as he tries to backpedal in front of the reporters, one of whom was from The Morning Call newspaper in Allentown.

There is no dealing with the Republican Party and only one rule to follow for a rational country:

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