iJunk not as good as indoor plumbing — paper sez

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 2:53 pm by George Smith

I’ll buy that:

Attention in the past decade has focused not on labor-saving innovation, but rather on a succession of entertainment and communication devices that do the same things as we could do before, but now in smaller and more convenient packages. The iPod replaced the CD Walkman; the smartphone replaced the garden-variety “dumb” cellphone with functions that in part replaced desktop and laptop computers; and the iPad provided further competition with traditional personal computers. These innovations were enthusiastically adopted, but they provided new opportunities for consumption on the job and in leisure hours rather than a continuation of the historical tradition of replacing human labor with machines …

This, from a scholarly paper entitled, “Is US Economic Growth Over: Faltering Innovation Confronts the Six Headwinds.

“One hopes this is a paper to look back on fondly from the back seat of a robot-driven alternatively-fueled hover car in the near future but, even if you don’t find his arguments all that persuasive, it might be nice to take a moment and, courtesy of Gordon, remember how cool indoor plumbing is …” writes the blogger at the Financial Times.

Two options are presented. Option A — we get to keep everything up to and including Windows98. Option B, you get Facebook and iJunk, but you have to “give up” indoor plumbing.

Ha-ha. Good thought experiment. iJunk, but you get dysentery and cholera, among other things.

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