Supplier businesses to the Psychopath vote …

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Are dependent on an Obama win for a continued business boom, according to the Wall Street Journal:

As Cabela’s Inc. prepares the selection of guns it will sell for the holiday season and winter hunting, the outdoor-gear retailer has two plans: one if President Barack Obama is re-elected, and one if he isn’t.

The Sidney, Neb.-based retailer and other companies in the guns-and-ammo business say if Mr. Obama wins a second term they are preparing for a surge in sales—the same as they saw after he was elected in 2008—from buyers fearful the president would back policies to make buying a gun more difficult. If Republican challenger Mitt Romney wins, though, the chain plans to stock more items such as waterproof boots and camouflage hunting gear.

“[Mr. David Humke], an avid deer hunter, worries guns might become less available in the future,” reads the Journal. “People feel it’s coming so they’re stockpiling,” he said.

Obese white guy in gun shop, with kid in cart, the kind of dude DD never meets, anymore. Different worlds, Nebraska might as well be Pluto.

Growing up in southeastern Pennsyltucky, I was in a community of hunters. Public school was always canceled the first day of hunting season. In fact, it was rare that people didn’t have guns in Pine Grove, PA. I had no problem with gun ownership.

But the continued completely irrational surge of gun sales nationwide during the Obama administration, in the absence of any gun legislation, is the hallmark of a people and culture with which I have nothing in common.

I don’t want to meet them again. What happened to their minds?

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