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Let out a roar for buying something shiny in the Culture of Lickspittle:

Long after Sayed managed to escape the clutches of reporters, cheers continued erupting each time someone exited the Apple Store, with a new iPhone 5 in hand. The applause could be heard for blocks.

Placard from an Occupy Wall Streeter outside the Apple store who dryly noted the police will arrest you for sleeping out overnight in protest of inequality but not if you’re going to be purchasing iJunk.

Apple uber alles.

Meanwhile, the life expectancy of white people in the economic slice that can’t afford iJunk is crashing in the US.

When you ride with Apple, you ride with the enemy.

The Sexy New iPhone from Alison Becker

There was a technical name for things that collected germs from being in or near your mouth, or ass, down your crotch, etc… It adapts itself well to Apple:


I’m betting iJunk is great in this role, particularly in a household with one or more children.

Hat tip to Pine View Farm.

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