When you ride with Apple you’re riding with the enemy

Posted in Made in China at 10:18 am by George Smith

From the wire, on an iJunk manufacturing plant in China:

About 2,000 Chinese employees of an iPhone assembly company fought a pitched battle into the early hours of Monday, forcing the huge electronics plant where they work to be shut down.

Authorities in the northern city of Taiyuan sent 5,000 police to restore order after what the plant’s Taiwanese owners Foxconn Technology Group said was a personal dispute in a dormitory that erupted into a mass brawl.

However, some employees and people posting messages online accused factory guards of provoking the trouble by beating up workers at the factory, which employs about 79,000 people and is owned by the world’s largest contract maker of electronic goods.

Apple uber alles. Gotta have the iJunk.

“Comments posted online, however, suggested security guards may have been to blame … In a posting on the Chinese Twitter-like microblog site Sina Weibo, user ‘Jo-Liang’ said that four or five security guards beat a worker almost to death,” reads the story.

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