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60 Minutes did Afghanistan last night. Fifteen minutes of total cock-up from the war that will never end until we have a President who will do it. And Barack Obama is probably not that guy.

We were waist deep in the Big Muddy,
And the big fool said to push on.

General John Allen: “I am completely devoted to these magnificent troops …”

60 Minutes showed we’ve managed to make Afghanistan into a shit magnet for the remains of al Qaeda. Like insignificant iron filings, they’re all drawn to the lodestone of American soldiers.

Did Pete Seeger’s old song achieve any result during the Vietnam War?

He reflects on the linked page: “No one can prove a damned thing. It took tens of millions of people speaking out, before the Vietnam War was over. A defeat for the Pentagon, but a victory for the American people.”

My, how times have changed, all for the worse.

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