Chemical Attack on Afghan Girls School

Posted in War On Terror at 5:57 pm by George Smith

“[90 Afghan school girls were] rushed to hospital yesterday unconscious and vomiting, possibly victims of a gas poisoning attack on their school in Mahmud Raqi village,” reported a news wire a few days ago.

“[One girl] described the gas smelling like a chemical known locally as Mallatin, which farmers sometimes spread on fields to poison foraging birds. The provincial police chief, Matiullah Safi, said none of the students, teachers or support staff had seen anything suspicious. ‘It looks like something was sprayed in the school but so far no one has been arrested,’ he said. ‘There’s no proof, at the moment, that this was an attack.’

“But the alleged poisoning comes just days after girls at a school in nearby Charikar, on the road north of Kabul, complained of similar symptoms.”

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“Terrorist groups who are intent on using ‘CBR hazards’ don’t want to go to states with WMD programs and pay for weapons (too complicated and public), and they lack the expertise and patience to develop military warfare agents (not everyone can match Aum Shinrikyo),” writes Jason. “But what they can do is avail themselves of local industrial chemicals and radiological materials that, while not a mass casualty threat, can harm and terrify small groups of people.”

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