Nugent: Obama to turn everyone into pimps, whores and welfare brats

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Today Washington Times serves up a real Halloween treat: A Q&A with Ted Nugent, living symbol of the Psychopath Vote. So I’ve used the scariest Ted photo I have, one where he’s in his best Deliverance-style pose, a dangerous scowl just before beating a houseful of blood-sucking Democrats to death with his acoustic guitar in Haddonfield, Illinois.

It’s full of his usual white bigot’s dog whistles, cursing of Detroit and poor man’s Atlas Shrugged shtick:

On what happened to Detroit:

Enter the liberal death wish of Mayor Coleman Young and a tsunami of negative, anti-productivity policies by liberal Democrats that put a voodoo curse on our beloved Motor City. When you train and reward people to scam, cheat and refuse to be productive, there is only one direction that society can go: straight down the toilet. It is truly a heartbreaker. Some wonderful people are still to be found back home, but they are outnumbered by the pimps, whores and welfare brats that have made bloodsucking a lifestyle. And now we have a president who is doing everything he can to take the whole country down that same path.

On going after all the parasites, or as the newspaper puts it, “What needs to be done to put the cycle of dependency in reverse?”

he Last Best Place has dwindled considerably since the big lies of The New Deal and The Great Society succeeded in brainwashing a segment of our country to believe Fedzilla would provide for anyone who decided, for whatever reason, to not be productive. In Mao Tse Tung’s Communism, the term “leaning on the hoe??? came about as more and more people learned that laziness would be rewarded and blood could be sucked …

President Obama fanned the flames of this brainwashing, but thankfully a brilliant businessman like Mitt Romney has all the right ideas …

Surprisingly, Nugent has not yet advocated for shooting cats this year. But there are still two months left.

Ted the Chiseler: “I was on a Ted show and all I got was this shit …”


Sage Keffer is a young man with huge ambition. He is a country kid who grew up fishing and camping and always wanted to be a country music star.

So, he thought it was a perfect fit to compete on an outdoor survival show hosted by Nugent.

Keffer said his time with the CMT show Runnin’ Wild…From Ted Nugent, in which contestants display survival skills, was a nightmare and in some ways totally unexpected …

“I said, ‘what’s the prize?’ They said, ‘well, CMT has not told us yet, but you’re going to be blown away,'” Keffer said.

Then, about one year later, the show still had not aired, and Keffer’s emails about the prize had gone unanswered, when one night he received a Facebook message from a fan who said they had just seen Keffer competing on CMT.

What his fans did not know was that all Keffer got for his victory was a set of bleached antlers.

“I didn’t go down to Waco, TX, just to be tortured,” said the contestant. Well, yes, yes, he did.

And DD blog had a joke about it in June.

“Second prize: Two deer skulls autographed by Ted Nugent.”

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