CAHY: More news from the economy of strangle

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In Sunday’s New York Times, a front page piece on how corporate America has shifted to staffing with part-time employees, to avoid benefits and the payment of wages:

While there have always been part time workers, especially in restaurants and retailers, employers today rely on them far more than before as they seek to cut costs and align staffing to customer traffic. The trend has frustrated millions of Americans … reducing their pay and benefits.

“We’re seeing more and more that the burden of market fluctuation is being shifted onto the workers, as opposed to the companies absorbing it themselves,” said Carrie Gleason, the executive director of the Retail Action Project, an advocate for retail workers …

Many retailers now use sophisticated software that track the flow of customers, allowing managers to assign just enough employees to handle anticipated demand … Many employers have schedule shifts as short as two or three hours … The widening use of part-time employees has been a bane to many workers, pushing many into poverty and forcing some onto food stamps and Medicaid. And with work schedules that change week to week, workers can find it hard to arrange child care, attend college or hold a second job …

Here is seen the maximizing of profit by compressing wages and having government programs in the tattered safety net picking up the slack. This from corporate America, where the prevailing sentiment during the last four years is that socialism and entitlement has run rampant.

However, the kind of entitlement spending that allows corporate American to pay people so poorly that there aren’t yet food riots is apparently OK.

The answer isn’t near at hand.

It will be generational as the current climate of corporate predation can’t be changed, only slowly replaced.

And the only way it can be supplanted is through the strengthening of labor after decades of attack from the private sector. And law requiring that people must be paid a living wage.

The New York Times piece, is here.

It is replete with working citizens who cannot earn a living, the wreckage of a technology-assisted all-against-all American system in which human lives exist to be boiled down, reduced and atomized for profit.

In its anecdotal account it is a vision starkly at odds with the views of the dangerous and crazy Republican Party, our country’s Ted Nugents, with their belief that 50 percent of the people are lazy moochers and blood-suckers.

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