Roscoe’s last ride (continued)

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Roscoe Bartlett, and others, in the trailer of a straight to Internet movie about the end of US civilization.

Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy eminence grise Roscoe Bartlett is approaching an election which the odds-makers say will end his political career.

From local news in Maryland:

Incumbent Republican Roscoe Bartlett, who’s held the seat since 1993, faces Democrat John Delaney, a financier from Potomac making his first run for public office. Libertarian Nickolaus Mueller also is on the ballot.

Kurtz gives Delaney the edge.

“Polls have it pretty close. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find any Democrat in the state who thinks Bartlett’s going to win, and probably privately, most Republicans don’t think he’s going to win either.”

Kurtz says it’s telling that “the political arm of the House Republicans hasn’t given Bartlett a dime.” Yet it has given other vulnerable caucus members money.

“I think they see (Bartlett’s campaign) as a lost cause,” Kurtz says.

And from Bartlett’s district newspaper in Frederick, MD:

A recent poll shows that the race between Republican Rep. Roscoe Bartlett and Democratic challenger John Delaney for Maryland’s 6th District congressional seat is a dead heat.

The (Baltimore) Sun commissioned OpinionWorks to conduct the telephone survey of 610 likely voters. The survey took place from Oct. 20 to Oct. 25.

This may come as a surprise to all those who believed the 10-term Buckeystown congressman’s political career was on its last legs.

According to The Sun, however, this new poll may not reflect the voting on Election Day. Delaney, the story says, is coming on strong in the homestretch, while Bartlett “is not performing as well in the district” as GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Frederick, incidentally, is where the center of US bioterror defense, Ft. Detrick (and now the NBACC), is located.

This is where and scientist Bruce Ivins made his anthrax and a homemade country single as Creepy Bruce & the Country Boys.

Since the anthrax mailings besmirched the reputation of Ft. Detrick, many in the Frederick area refused to believe Ivins did the deed. This turned the politically savvy Bartlett into an anthrax-denier, one in a small but vocal cult which lobbied, and still lobbies, for a re-opening of the FBI case.

The many tales of Roscoe Bartlett — from the archives.

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