Translation imperfect: ‘Hot Words’

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From Jiefangjun Bao Online, the English website edition of the Central Military Commission of the People’s Liberation Army of China:

16,400 New Entries Added To Military Encyclopedia of China

The compilation of the second version of the Military Encyclopedia of China is drawing to an end with as many as 16,400 new entries added compared to the first version a decade ago, the reporters learnt from the Academy of Military Sciences (AMS) on November 1, 2012. The large number of hot words reflects the leap forward that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has made in its transformation construction.

“Adding such a lot of new entries in only ten years is rarely seen in dictionary compilation,” said Feng Dinghan, head of the Military Encyclopedia Institute of the AMS. “This demonstrates the great strength and fast pace of the transformation construction of the PLA,” he added.

The newly-added entries such as “Military Information Technology”, “Information Grid Technology”, “Satellite Network Technology”, “Accurate Guidance Technology” and “Cloud Computing” in the fascicule on military technology categories are eye-catching. These intensively-added new entries mark the breakthrough and leap forward achieved in various fields of Chinese military technology in the past decade,” said Sun Xiaowen, editor of the fascicule on military technology categories.

“If the new words in the 16,400 entries reflect the speed of the transformation construction of the PLA, while the hot words we are familiar with can be said to reflect the wide range and depth of the transformation.” Feng Dinghan cited several examples, “The frequent appearance of key words such as “joint”, “integration”, “information”, “network” and “combat power generation mode” in the second version of the Military Encyclopedia of China clearly records the footfalls of the PLA during its striding ahead with the transformation progress.

Clearly recording the footfalls during the striding ahead.

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