The many intrigues of John McAfee (continuing)

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Ex-anti-virus king John McAfee was absolutely not shitting people when he said the Financial Times had assigned a reporter to cover him.

Today, the FT ran a story. One not adding much to earlier stories (registration):

Mr McAfee is on the run, fearful for his life and without a doubt in his mind Belize authorities are determined to kill him …

Belize police confirmed that authorities were searching for Mr McAfee but clarified that he was not a suspect at this time. On Wednesday police told the FT they had detained six people as part of the investigation including William Mulligan, 29, who is Mr McAfee’s bodyguard. He was arrested along with his wife, Stefanie, 22, and both have been charged with possession of arms and ammunition without a licence …

“Only last week, [McAfee] bought 40 stun guns and flashlights for the local police and yet he lives in fear of a police vendetta,” [a local real estate agent told the FT]. “He is an extremely intense man – a tortured genius.”

From WhoisMcAfee, events continue:

Today [November 29], at 10:45 A.M, the GSU and the Coast Guard raided my property in San Pedro. They confiscated approximately $400,000 worth of property – cameras, computers, police gear purchased for donations (Note: I had donated tasers, pepper spray, to the SP Police department 4 weeks ago) and other items. They spent 3 hours ransacking every one of my buildings. This is the 8th search of my property since my disappearance. It is certain, in my mind that something or other was planted during this search. What it may be, I have no clue. This is the first time that they have openly taken items from me since the first raid in April of this year …

And McAfee alleges a frame:

My a friends in the Police department have told me a wild tale. Barely believable, but it’s from multiple sources so I have to give it some credence.

Four weeks ago I donated about $100,000 worth of equipment to the San Pedro Police department.

Among the items donated were 40 or so brand new stun guns still in the box. Someone, at some point opened one of the boxes and inserted a bag of cocaine, and then resealed the box. Four weeks later, the box is opened and discovered. Among the items taken from my residence were close to 200 additional stun guns, still in the box, vallued at close to $80,000.

One of two things: the drugs were planted in order to give an excuse to confiscate more of my property (they have never returned any of my property confiscated during the April raid), or they intend to charge me with cocaine trafficking.

One may meditate on the revelation that John McAfee possessed 240 new stun guns, $80,000 worth, at a resort home. But this is a minor quibble.

In the most recent post McAfee asserts the Belize police have been caught with their pants down.

Having issued a denial of a raid on McAfee’s property, the ex-anti-virus king has begun to post YouTube recording — audio only — of eye witness accounts of the raid, starting with the testimony of his girlfriend’s father.

In the event of McAfee’s arrest, “over 2 million words” and thousands of pictures which will be published, he informs.

“You are, by and large a kind and supportive group of readers,” McAfee writes. “From your comments, many of you are brilliant and talented. Many of you occupy positions of importance. All of you have hearts, and your loves and hopes, your dreams and ambitions, fears and attachments are the same as every occupant of this country who suffers under burdensome oppression [sic]. We are all of us, throughout the world, one people.”

An interesting piece on McAfee’s various properties — at the SF Chronicle.

My satellite snap from Google maps probably properly identified his Ambergris Caye villa in Belize.

It also discusses property in Molokai — which he is said to have never moved into — and a palace built in New Mexico. (Readers will remember his fabricated Molokai Island Times press pass.)

“[It is] in Belize that he or may not have lost his mind, killed his dogs, his neighbor, then gone on the lam … McAfee’s epic rise to fame and fortune is officially in free fall,” reads the piece.

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