Corporate America Hates You. Period.

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PBS posted an unintentionally funny question and answer with an employment expert, aka “a headhunter.”

One of the questions, or rather assertions from the crowd:

Online job search is a waste of time. Once you have given up as I have, how is one expected to go out and try to put on a positive face when all one faces is no positive direction? Everything in the United States is a scam.

For many, it’s a very accurate observation. Much of daily life is filled with scams from corporate America and to survive everyone must go about the task of trying to always avoid the tricks and traps. And the past four years have made it abundantly clear that no will exists anywhere in the country — except maybe in the writings of Paul Krugman — to lessen unemployment, decrease inequality, and raise the pay and declining living standards of average Americans. In fact, these are things that are vigorously opposed in the current system.

Of course, the headhunter couldn’t admit this was so. But he couldn’t actually lie in front of everyone, either, so he had to talk in a circle:

No, everything is not a scam. There are a lot of companies that are hiring, but there are more that are nervous about investing in more personnel in a volatile economy. It’s understandable: So much is in flux today that companies hesitate to spend money, and they over-compensate by insisting on “perfect hires” …

First, we already know that applying for jobs online is largely a waste of time … Your challenge is to help employers meet you outside of that numskull system. Help them see what you can do for them.

Second, we know that employers tend to hire through personal contacts. So you must face that reality and learn how to apply for jobs through people a company knows and trusts. This is awkward for most, but it’s a skill that’s as important as any work skill. Rather than search the job postings, devote yourself to meeting people who do business …

Third, there is no way to pursue hundreds or even dozens of jobs through personal contacts …

No, everything was not a scam. But online job application is. No, not everything is a scam. You need to make personal contacts. But nobody can make enough personal contacts.

And after one has been unemployed for a while — as is the case with most people in this country — you have no personal contacts. Just a few people who don’t want to hear from you.

It’s all here. One of the questioners is named “John Galt.”

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