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“Internet geek” now well and truly dead as a description. Worthy only of a facepalm.

From a Brit newspaper:

AN internet geek from Burnley who was caught with an Al-Qaeda manual and the Anarchist’s Cookbook has been told he should spend less time online.

But Mr Justice Fulford, sitting at the Old Bailey, ruled that Niall Florence, 21, was not a terrorist but a ‘young and naive computer addict’.

Florence was auctioning off copies of the Anarchist’s Cookbook, the infamous 1971 guide to bomb-making, lock-picking and credit card fraud, on the e-Bay website.

And he sold 25 copies, at £1 each, before police swooped on his parents’ home in St Cuthbert’s Street in December 2011 …

Police also found an Al Qaeda jihadist training manual, during the raid, and instructions on how to make the poison ricin.

Florence was about eleven years old when the original suspects in the London ricin trial were arrested.

Florence received a suspended sentence on convictions for “collecting a record of information for terrorist purposes and one count of disseminating terrorist publications.”

The judge admitted he recognized Florence was not a terrorist and “posed no threat to the public.”

In Britain — these documents get you jailedfrom the archives.

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