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The UN’s recent approval of an arms trade treaty has, predictably, whipped WhiteManistan’s crazies into a now bog standard frenzy over its alleged conspiracy to take away America’s guns.

Before I get to it, the NYT explains what the treaty is really about:

Although implementation is years away and there is no specific enforcement mechanism, proponents say the treaty would for the first time force sellers to consider how their customers will use the weapons and to make that information public. The goal is to curb the sale of weapons that kill tens of thousands of people every year — by, for example, making it harder for Russia to argue that its arms deals with Syria are legal under international law.

The treaty, which took seven years to negotiate, reflects growing international sentiment that the multibillion-dollar weapons trade needs to be held to a moral standard. The hope is that even nations reluctant to ratify the treaty will feel public pressure to abide by its provisions. The treaty calls for sales to be evaluated on whether the weapons will be used to break humanitarian law, foment genocide or war crimes, abet terrorism or organized crime or slaughter women and children …

Members of the General Assembly voted 154 to 3 to approve the Arms Trade Treaty, with 23 abstentions — many from nations with dubious recent human rights records like Bahrain, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

The treaty is an attempt to establish acceptable norms for international arms sales, not domestic.

Nevertheless, it will probably never be ratified by the Senate, because … WhiteManistan!

Indeed, the United States no longer ratifies any treaties because the Republican Party, which controls the Senate from a minority position, has determined that international co-operation, which is what all treaties are about, infringes on American freedom. (In this way a recent treaty to help the world’s weakest, the disabled, was quickly put to death in Congress after decades of effort.)

The National Rifle Association has spent much effort since the election of Barack Obama in 2008 promoting the conspiracy theory that the President, in collusion with the UN, is set to take away America’s guns and criminalize owners.

And that conspiracy theory is now deeply embedded in white right America, which means all of the Republican Party and those Democratic Party senators from red states.

Today, WhiteManistan’s Secretary of Guns and Ammunition, Ted Nugent, told the publisher of his weekly column, what he believes, the mania of which is akin to General Jack Ripper’s belief that fluoridation was a communist plot in Dr. Strangelove.

Excerpted from the conspiracy right-wing news site, WND:

“I believe we the people have made it rather clear that ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ is more than a song,??? Nugent said in an interview with WND today after the U.N. adopted its long-developing Arms Trade Treaty.

“As putrid and anti-American as the entire U.N. concept/agenda is,??? he added, “we mean it and I believe we have … driven home an adequate fear factor into the lives of the soulless U.N. gangsters. It is they who should be fearful??? …

Nugent believes that President Obama is working with the U.N. on the rules, making the president a “clear and present threat to freedom and the American way of life??? …

“We the people have stepped up to the plate in a most powerful way to the Obama/U.N. gun grab by purchasing more guns and ammo than any society in the history of the world,??? he said.

And there you have it. WhiteManistan stands prepared to shoot UN tyrants and gangsters right between the eyes should they come for the guns. Much like preppers stand ready to shoot the rest of us between the eyes when we come boiling out of the cities WTSHTF (When the Shit Hits the Fan).

A couple weeks ago the Congressional Research Service quietly published “Public Mass Shootings in the United States: Selected Policy Implications.”

The CRS report made this observation about gun massacres in the United States:

“Of the public mass shooting incidents identified by CRS for which information on the race of the perpetrator(s) was available, over half of the shooters were reportedly white.

“Almost all the shooters were male …???

The report adds they also tend to kill themselves during the assaults.

Experiencing the unavoidable news on public mass shootings has shown that, in America, this is indeed a white male thing.

Yet the country has yet to begin a big public discussion on why that is.

What in American white masculinity or psychology predisposes to gun massacres, if anything? Is there a linkage between the tradition of white male ownership of guns as a rite of adulthood predisposing white guys to gun massacres? Does it predispose toward mental illness or is there some other feature peculiar to how white US males acquire guns which has something to do with it? How does the white male component in American gun massacres compare with that of other civilized nations?

Questions, questions, all deserving of answers.

But be careful who and where you ask them. Some people may just shoot you right between the eyes as an enemy of freedom.

“Public Mass Shootings in the United States: Selected Policy Implications” has been put on-line by Steve Aftergood at the Secrecy blog here.


  1. Michael McCall said,

    April 3, 2013 at 7:48 pm

    It makes you wonder what the folks at world nut daily think the UN is. In the real world thanks to a lack of enforcement powers and the composition of the security council the UN is one of the most ineffective international organizations in existence. Anything that gets ratified is the lowest common denominator between the member states.

    This is a weird phenomenon I’ve noticed about right wing fears of the UN; it plays a crucial role in the new world order conspiracy theories and they obsess over it constantly while remaining wholly ignorant of how it actually operates. How the hell does someone spend so much time obsessing over an organization without learning a thing about it?

  2. George Smith said,

    April 3, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    By reading their Tea Party mass e-mails, World Net Daily, and watching Fox News obsessively. Theres no reasoning with it. International cooperation is bad for America you know because … freedom! If the UN were located in Charleston maybe they could shell it like, hey, Fort Sumter.