One long guitar solo

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From a Minneapolis newspaper, on the REO/Styx/Nugent oldies tour:

Nugent, 64, was the most polarizing figure on the bill, thanks to his outspoken views on politics, hunting and guns. But it seems like it’s been at least 30 years since Nugent cared what anyone else thought about him, and he carried that cocksure attitude over to his performance. Basically, it was one long guitar solo, punctuated by an obscene amount of swearing and some “USA! USA!” patriotism tossed in for good measure.

From the Toledo Blade, an article on the same tour explaining the Midwestern love of “classic rock” — or, as readers of this blog might call it now — WhiteManistan rock:

[Toledo venue manager] Miller refers to classic rock and country music as the arena’s “bread and butter,” attracting “a traditional and loyal audience” who identify with the songs about the Midwest experience — see Styx’s “Blue Collar Man,” for example.

Cronin also noted similarities in the two fan bases, and said that REO Speedwagon keyboardist and co-founder Neal Doughty has a theory that classic rock is really the new country.

“Not musically, but just in as much as it’s long lasting,” he said. “It’s the music of heartland, and it’s another alternative” …

The music of heartland for some, of stomach-turning for others. Modern country became the refuge of classic rock in the last twenty years. Neal Doughty of REO has it a little bit sideways.

The musicians in modern country play light classic rock with banjo and fiddles glued on for seasoning.

See the most recent comment on Brad Paisley, here. After bombing with “Accidental Racist,” his record company launched another weird dud, “Beat This Summer.”

Now I ask you, who thought conjuring the spirit of a slightly older Jon Benet Ramsey by putting the song to a video in which a very little boy and little girl have a puppy summer affair on the Santa Monica pier was a great idea? Wistful, I don’t think so. It made my skin crawl.

God save us from the clueless in WhiteManistan and heartland music.

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